Fat Burning Leg Workout for Women | Lose thigh FAT and CELLULITE

Hey guys! In this fat burning workout for women video I feature a killer lower body workout that will tone and sculpt your entire legs.

Ever wonder how to lose cellulite? The exercises in this video will decrease the layer of fat under the skin which will lead you to losing thigh fat and reducing cellulite. Hope you enjoy it😊
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The Workout

Treadmill speed 0.9mph
100 Treadmill Walking Lunges
15 Side set squat treadmill walks

Super set 1 | 4 sets
12 DB Stiff-legged deadlift
15 Single leg static lunge jumps (each side)

Super set 2 | 4 sets
15 Static lunge wall ball (each side)
20 Wall ball

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