FAT BURNING HOME WORKOUT (Bodyweight Workouts)

No equipment needed, just your body weight. Some of these exercises might feel outside the box but the more you practice the more fluid you will get.
※Plyometric Lunge
3×15 each leg 60 sec rest
※Side Lunge Stretch Thighs
3×12 each leg 60 sec rest
※Mountain Climbers
3×12 reps each leg 60 sec rest
※Broad Jump to Walk in
3×8 Reps 60 sec rest
※Clap Push ups 3×10 Reps
3×10 reps 60 sec rest
※Bicycle Twisting Crunch 3×10 Reps
3×12 reps each leg 60 sec rest
※Side Plank Crunch
3×10 each side 60 sec rest

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