Fat burning HIIT workout at home | 4-week fitness challenge for weight loss

Hello beautiful people!

For those ready to focus on FAT LOSS the 4-WEEK SHRED CHALLENGE will help you drop body fat whilst maintaining maximum muscle mass, strength, and endurance. 4 weeks, 14 killer full body workouts! Lower/upper body focus, as well as some core workouts, low- and high-intensity cardio. No equipment. No jumping alternatives included. 140 different exercises: new exercises every workout!

WARM-UP: https://youtu.be/nn29ryIWMjo

Workout 1: https://youtu.be/aXtyKFtol50
Workout 2: THIS VIDEO
Workout 3:
Workout 4:
Workout 5:
Workout 6:
Workout 7:
Workout 8:
Workout 9:
Workout 10:
Workout 11:
Workout 12:
Workout 13:
Workout 14:

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