FAT BURNING HIIT WORKOUT – 20min of Stairmaster / Treadmill!

FAT BURNING HIIT WORKOUT – 20min of Stairmaster / Treadmill!

Don’t have the time to do long workout and you hate cardio?
This is PERFECT for you!

I personaly hate to run for long distance or for 45min straight, but when it’s time to get ready for summer I need to add some kind of cardio to my routine.
This is what I do during my lunch break, a 20 minutes fat burning workout, using only the stairmaster and the treadmill.

The workout:
Treadmill 15min, 30sec active rest (4mph), 30sec Sprint.
Start at 6 mph and increase of 0,5 every minute.
Stairmaster 5 min, level up every 15/20 sec

Time to get shredded guys!

I hope you will enjoy it!

Enjoy & Smile

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