Fat Burning HIIT Bodyweight Workout // 25 Minutes At Home HIIT Cardio Circuit

Fat Burning HIIT Bodyweight Workout // 25 Minutes At Home HIIT Cardio Circuit

FAT BURNING HIIT BODYWEIGHT WORKOUT – 25 MINUTES AT HOME HIIT CARDIO CIRCUIT // Are you looking for a new HIIT bodyweight workout? This new full length HIIT workout is sure to get you sweating. This at home HIIT workout will help you burn fat, gain strength and build endurance. It’s a 25 minute HIIT workout that can be done in your garden or living room.

This fat burning HIIT workout features 24 different HIIT bodyweight exercises – 6 rounds, 4 minutes of work per round and 15 seconds rest in between rounds.

Make sure you do a thorough warm-up before doing this bodyweight HIIT circuit at home. We recommend warming up for between 15-20 minutes before this session but take more time if you need to.

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