Fat Burning FULL BODY HIIT WORKOUT At Home [No Equipment]

HIIT Full Body Calisthenic Workout that burns a lot of calories and anyone can do without a gym

If you are not able to go out, in a gym or run but you want to move and stay active, then you should try this workout. The exercises are in full length which means you can just follow what I am doing. If you want to do more workout repetitions just start the video all over again.

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Stacked Grip Moves has prepared a Full Body HIIT Workout that you can use as a home workout routine for building your stamina and burning fat. Perform each exercise for 45 Seconds. Use the 15 Seconds break to prepare for the next routine.
 Jumping Jacks & Clap Jacks
 Wide Push-Ups
 Squat Leg Lifts
 Plank Star Jump
 High Knees
 Superman X Lifts

Level 1: 2 REPS
Level 2: 3 REPS
Level 3: 4 REPS