Fat Burning Dynamic Strength Workout | At Home Training | Channel Membership & Patreon Video Preview

Fat Burning Dynamic Strength Workout | At Home Training | Channel Membership & Patreon Video Preview

Ok it’s time to rock and roll with a full body workout that’s going to FRY you (in a good way)! It’s time to make fat cry, and muscles sing, while we jam out to a dynamic 15 minute workout that you can do ANYWHERE.

This is a great workout for all levels, and I think you’ll appreciate that you can adjust it fully if you are intermediate or advanced.

Today’s workout consists of 3 giant sets. A giant set is when you mix 3 or more exercises back to back with minimal rest in between. It’s great if your goal is to keep the heart rate up, and to combine an element of cardio to your strength training.

This video is simply the PREVIEW of the full version of this workout which is available for members only.

To follow the FULL 25 minute workout (AD FREE) – click here (you will need to join my channel as a member): https://youtu.be/Cn7gcIVVemY

If you want access to this workout PLUS additional fully designed downloadable PDF workouts for the gym, nutrition workshops, fitness and motivation video lessons, mindset audio coaching sessions and more…

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Equipment Needed:
Resistance Bands (w/ Door Anchor) – https://amzn.to/3nfoNPm
Dumbbells (Medium intensity)
Kettlebell (optional – can use dumbbells)

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