Fat Burning Cardio & Complete Upper Body Workout!

Thanks for watching guys! HIIT is my favorite form of cardio to build some muscle mass while burning fat at the same time. Such a great quick way to get your heart rate up.

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Full HIIT Workout: 30 seconds each
Toe Touches
Squat Box Jumps
Box Jump Overs
In Out Box Jump Squats
Lateral Shuffle

Repeat 3-5x with 60 second break between sets!

Full Upper Body Workout:
Wide Grip Assisted Pull Ups
2 Sets of As Many Reps As Possible

Close Grip Assisted Pull Ups
2 sets of as many reps as possible

6 way shoulder raise
4 sets of 8

Regular to V press
4 sets of 10

Single Arm Incline Chest Fly
4 sets of 8
SUPERSET (perform with no rest in between)
Regular To Neutral Incline Press
4 sets of 10

One arm row
4 sets of 10

Cable Curls
4 sets of 10
Tricep Pushdowns
4 sets of 10

Hi babes!

I have a slight obsession with living a healthy lifestyle and would love to teach you everything I know when it comes to at home and gym based workouts as well as nutrition for weight loss and weight gain for women.

I hope I can show you that eating well and exercising does not have to be nearly as miserable as it sounds and inspire you to join me on this lifelong journey!