Fastest Five Fat Burning Exercises With Steptool | Fat Loss Workout | AKD

Fastest Five Fat Burning Exercises With Steptool | Fat Loss Workout | AKD


In this festive season we all should be careful about our diets. If we can’t control on our food habits, we can always burn our calories by doing this simple exercises at home without any equipment. In this video, I have shown some fat burning exercises which you need to do in this festive season. Just give 20 seconds of rest after completion of whole set. Target for atleast 5-6 sets, but before doing it, stretching and warm up is equally important and I am sure you guys are doing it. Just, you need to arrange one step tool and carry out these exercises. Lead from the front and inspire your family to do these exercises. Posture should be accurate, result will follow automatically. Before doing it, kindly check the condition of your step tool because you are putting whole body weight on this tool.

After doing all such activities, now I am leading a medicine free life.
Success mantra is “ listen to your body & talk to your body at least once in a day”.

Thank you everyone for watching my videos.

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