Fair Game

Fair Game

From the director of The Bourne Identity comes this riveting thriller inspired by the experiences of real-life CIA officer Valerie Plame (Academy Award nominee Naomi Watts). When Plame’s retired ambassador husband Joe Wilson (played by Academy Award winner Sean Penn) writes a newspaper article challenging the basis for the U.S. war on Iraq, the White House leaks Plame’s undercover status-leaving her international contacts vulnerable, her career in shambles and her life in danger. Crackling with sharp dialogue, gripping intrigue and heart-pounding suspense, Fair Game is the adventure that’s so unbelievable, it can only be real.
Jessica McDowell,
Gnosos Chemicals.
WOMAN: When do you
leave Kuala Lumpur,
Miss McDowell?
I fly to Taiwan Tuesday,
then back to Dusseldorf.
Mr. Tabir is very
busy this morning.
I can imagine.
Seeing as we are waiting
why don’t you practice
your little pitch on me?
if it’s all the same,
I’ll just be…
I know all of my
uncle’s business.
He trusts me.
Well, I’m sure you’re aware
that recently your subsidiary
developed an organic,
ester-based lubricant
derived from
kernel oil
that makes…
You are American?
Canadian, actually.
I’m from Toronto.
A Maple Leaf fan?
No, not really.
You must be the only
person from Toronto
who’s not a hockey fan.
Oh, I’m a fan.
Dad’s from Vancouver
so I’m a Canuck.
Between us,
the Maple Leafs suck.
They should never
have signed Mark Bell.
Guy’s a liability
on and off the ice.
So, who’s your team?
I don’t like hockey.
Unfortunately, Mr. Tabir
has no window this morning.
He extends an invitation
to a private reception
at his residence.
Well, if that’s okay.
I don’t want to intrude.
Come to the party.
Why are we stopping?
Miss McDowell,
my uncle believes trust
is something you earn.
He doesn’t trust people
until he knows them
very, very well.
But he trusts you, Hafiz.
How do you know my name?
Your car was swept
an hour ago.
Do not get out.
If you get out of this car,
I can’t protect you.
Who are you?
Let go of my arm.
Who are you?
Your uncle’s in business
with Abu Domar Khan.
Khan has made contact
with a terror organization
via an aid agency
in Pakistan.
They’re seeking materials
to build a weapon.
That’s bullshit.
We need information
about your uncle.
Contacts. Shipments.
If you help us,
we help you.
If you don’t,
your brother dies.
And tomorrow you’re sitting
next to your uncle
in a cell in Thailand
and it won’t be me
asking the questions.
No. No, you can’t help him.
We can help him, Hafiz.
Listen to me, because
I promise you one thing.
Right now you have no idea
what we can and cannot do.
You’ll get a call
at 8:00 a.m.
You’ll be asked
if you need a cleaner.
You want her to come
three mornings per week,
do you understand?
I said,
do you understand?
Tonight I want
to take a few minutes
to discuss a great
threat to peace,
and America’s determination
to lead the world
in confronting that threat.
The decision has been made
to increase the threat
condition designation
currently classified
at Elevated Risk
to increase that threat
condition designation
to the High Risk category.
and its aftermath awakened
this nation to danger.
To the true ambitions
of the global terror network.
The state police
are investigating
an Anthrax scare.
Threatening letters
with a white substance.
The Nuclear
Regulatory Commission
has placed the nation’s
nuclear plants on their
highest level of security.
A terrorist attack
is now highly likely.
What do we know after
September 11th?
We know these terrorist
networks will use
any means they can
to cause maximum
death and destruction.
And we will take
whatever action
is necessary
to defend our freedom
and our security.
America strikes back.
Afghanistan is pounded
with bombs and missiles
from the air and from sea.
military attacks
against targets
throughout Afghanistan
continue tonight.
He couldn’t slow down
for, like, 400 yards.
FRED: And yet,
I’m incredible in bed.
They are targeting
both Osama bin Laden’s
training camps
and Taliban military.
DIANA: Listen,
Steven and I are not gonna go
on the same plane together.
We’re not even
going to take
a train together.
STEVE: We took the train
to your mom’s.
It only takes one to fly
into a nuclear power plant.
JEFF: A sarin attack
on Disneyworld.
Yeah, but whatever
they’re telling us,
we’re totally vulnerable.
I mean, who is
protecting us?
LISA: Would you risk
taking your kids to
Disneyworld right now?
Would you do that?
Absolutely not.
I’d be terrified of
exposing my children
to what adds up
to a clearinghouse
for crap merchandise
and disappointing rides.
Joe thinks Disneyworld
is Vegas for kids.
So, Valerie,
what do you do?
I work in venture capital.
Brewster Jennings,
here in Georgetown.
STEVE: Oh, cool.
Like Net start-ups?
Exactly. Retail consumer.
We create pooled
investment vehicles.
It’s actually
pretty boring.
You get on a plane.
Two guys in turbans,
seats 1A, 1B.
And they look nervous
and they’re sweating,
they’re sweaty
and they’re saying prayers.
What do you do?
Steve, you have a kid, right?
You’re off that plane.
You’re calling the cops.
If we’re honest, we all are.
Joe? You know you are.
Come on,
you see these two guys
on a plane. Turbans.
Sweating. Prayers.
The whole thing.
What do you say?
What’s the call?
Well, Jeff. (SIGHS)
He started it.
Yeah, every time.
Every time we go out.
He asked me a question.
I gave a full
and considered response.
He was drunk, Joe.
Everybody’s had a hard day.
They’re just trying
to let off steam.
By invoking
quasi-racist conundra?
He’s a parent.
Is he teaching his
four-year-old to fear
all men in turbans?
It’s Diana’s birthday.
Jeff’s her oldest friend.
So you can’t call him
a racist pussy.
It’s not funny, Joe.
It’s not funny.
It’s a very
serious subject.
And if by not keeping
quiet while someone
spouts obnoxious crap
makes you an asshole,
then I’m an asshole.
You knew that
when you married me.
How was your trip?
Oh, God.
you cheated.
No, I didn’t!
It’s a tie.
Valerie, where’s Kim?
VALERIE: She can’t get here
until after lunch.
Didn’t I tell you?
Okay. I guess
I’ll be working at
home this morning.
Is that okay?
JOE: Yeah. Me and
Spongebob got it.
Break it up. Trevor,
don’t hit your sister.
Listen, the Mitchells want
to have dinner on Tuesday.
But if you want to skip it…
I promise I’ll behave.
I promise to behave.
JOE: See, everyone’s
on their best behavior.
I love you.
I’ll see you.
JOE: Bye.
JOE: Say, “Bye, Mommy.”
Bye, Mom.
Do you guys want to
watch some television?
tracks and thwarts nuclear
and WMD acquisitions
by rogue nations
and non-state actors.
We’re the fastest-growing
division within the Agency.
Which sounds cool,
but you may have
to share a desk.
Hafiz hired a cleaner.
Gotta go.
Kuala Lumpur
just went live.
What time did he
call this in?
1100 hours Zulu time.
Keep the transaction live.
Trace it all the way
to the end user.
The shipment arrives
in Joburg on the 21st.
It’s put in an
unmarked container
and shipped to the Jebel
free-trade zone in Dubai.
Here. Dr. Jonas
and his team
at Los Alamos
have altered the impedance
timings of the spark gaps
by a fraction of a nanosecond.
Val, Chief
wants to see you.
Shut it down.
We have everything.
We’re ready to go.
We have actual
intel on the buyer.
Sargin Vaziri,
Syrian national
based out of Karachi.
On a wire picked up
in Cairo he talks about
nuclear componentry
from a known source
in Pakistan.
He’s moving to an
unnamed Gulf state.
Could it be Iraq?
devoutly Shia.
Iraq’s controlled by Sunnis.
Saddam’s Sunni.
There’s no way this is Iraq.
Seventh Floor issued
a directive for a joint
task force on Iraq.
I want you
to head up
Thank you.
You can pick your own team.
This is top priority.
I need 24 hours
to brief
my replacement.
From Monday, I need
your both eyes on Iraq.
Yes, sir.
This is coming
from across the river.
Down the line, DFU.
Don’t fuck up.
Congratulations. (LAUGHS)
You can
put it there.
Don’t you have
a home to go to?
I thought
this went away.
The DIA released
the report Tuesday.
WINPAC aren’t buying
and State kicked it back,
but it’s still
making waves in the
Vice President’s office.
You think Joe
could do it?
Well, he’s qualified.
He’s been there
hundreds of times.
He knows
the arena
inside out.
Great. Could you put
his credentials in a memo?
I want to kick
it up the ladder.
You don’t look overjoyed.
Joe’s been working hard
to build his business.
Then there’s the twins.
Money’s kind of
tight right now.
He’s helped us before.
Could you just ask him
to come in?
Hey, Joe?
Hey. Nice place
you got here. Cozy.
I need to get you cleared.
You work in
the basement?
I work in Georgetown
at Brewster Jennings.
We’re a small firm
of venture capitalists.
Well, that must be
interesting work.
It pays the rent.
Come in.
Joe, this is Jack.
Hi, Joe Wilson.
Deputy Chief of CPD.
It’s a pleasure,
Hi, Joe Wilson.
I’ll leave you
guys to it.
Joe Wilson.
Good morning, Ambassador.
JOE: How are you?
Joe Wilson. Hello.
Joe Wilson. Hi.
JACK: Have a seat.
Can I get you
something to drink?
Coffee would be
great. Thank you.
JACK: How do
you like it?
Just black, thanks.
Ambassador Wilson,
what do you know
about yellowcake?
Yellowcake uranium?
I believe
it’s a concentrate
made from uranium ore
that’s used in
the fissile material
for weapons programs.
But I’m not
a scientist.
Thank you.
What about Niger?
I usually pronounce
it Niger to avoid
confusion with Nigeria.
The UN Human Development Index
rates it the least-livable
country in the world.
I started my foreign
service there.
I visited many times
as Ambassador to Gabon.
And then again as
Director of Africa Policy
for President Clinton
with the NSC.
I’ve often met with
Prime Minister Mayaki.
I know the former
Foreign Minister,
I know the Minister of Mines.
I know the country
very well.
The office
of the Vice President
has received a report
a memorandum of sale
between the governments
of Niger and Iraq
for the purchase of 500 tons
of yellowcake uranium ore.
I don’t have
to tell you how serious
this allegation is.
No, sir, you don’t.
This is a request from
the Vice President’s office.
Can you help us?
What do you
have in mind?
How can Niger help
its old friend America?
In the summer of 2001,
Iraq sought to purchase
60,000 high-alloy
7075 T6 aluminum tubes
manufactured in China.
The high spec of these
tubes led us to conclude
that they were intended
for the enrichment of uranium
and as such provide proof
that Saddam is
building a nuclear bomb.
In August of 2001,
Jay Turner, that’s me,
flew to Vienna to meet
with the IAEA scientists.
I produced this report,
aspects of which represent
the CIA’s present position.
I’m happy to take questions.
The INR concluded late last
year that these tubes are
probably for artillery use.
The DOE agreed they exactly
matched those used by Iraq
for artillery rockets.
PAUL: Where are the tubes?
TURNER: WINPAC has them.
We’ve examined them.
And this is my point.
None of you guys have
even seen the tubes.
I’ve seen them.
And when was that?
When I led the covert team
that intercepted
them in Jordan,
brought back samples,
and delivered them
to you guys at WINPAC.
And I take it you’re
not a nuclear expert.
These tubes are a match
for those designed
by German scientist
Gernot Zippe in the ’50s.
VALERIE: You’re right.
I’m no nuclear expert
but Dr. Houston Wood
at the University of
Virginia Atomic Facility is.
He also knows Dr. Zippe
and he told him that the wall
thickness of the Iraqi tubes
was 3 or 4 times
the thickness of his design.
Right, and he also
said that the length
of the tubes is twice
that of Zippe’s design.
In fact, he said
that the only thing
that was similar
between his tubes
and the aluminum tubes
was that they were
both made of aluminum.
A metal that hasn’t been
used in gas centrifuges
since 1952.
I went to Vienna.
Okay? Canada.
And I’ve been working
on this for months.
There are
centrifuges. Fact.
So, basically,
they’re your tubes
and if we don’t let you win,
you’re taking them home.
That’s pathetic.
Joe, no one’s saying
you’re wrong here,
but if you’re right,
it’s huge, so,
we ask the question.
Right? We have
to ask the question.
JOE: Niger has two uranium
mines in the Sahara desert.
One is flooded.
The other is run by COGEMA,
a French subsidiary
jointly controlled
by the Japanese and Germans.
Five hundred tons
of yellowcake
is not an off-the-books
size transaction.
It represents a 40%
production increase
in the nation’s annual
output of uranium.
A sale that size would
leave a huge paper trail.
Any documentation
would, by law,
have to be signed by
the Prime Minister,
Foreign Minister,
and the Minister of Mines.
But say it was an
off-the-books deal.
How do you hide
the transportation
of 500 tons of anything,
let alone
You’re talking
50 semi-tractor trucks on
one road through villages
where nothing passed
for months except
maybe one bush taxi.
It would be the biggest
event for months.
To say they forgot is like
kids forgetting Christmas.
You have the droughts
of the ’70s and ’80s
which brought millions
of dollars in US aid
which continues today.
It doesn’t make any sense
that the Nigerians would
compromise that lifeline.
For that reason and
for all the reasons
that I’ve been telling you,
it is my
opinion that this sale
could not have happened.
JOE: So, what
happens next?
Well, they write a report,
give it to the analysts.
It will be rewritten,
then kicked upstairs
and combined with
other reports they get.
I just think it’s ludicrous
that they’re gonna
send somebody all
the way over there
and spend all that money
for the same conclusion.
You can’t compile
intelligence from
a single source.
That’s not intelligence.
That’s an opinion.
Trust me. It’s a fact.
Says who?
Says me.
You’re just a teeny-weeny
tiny cog in a giant machine.
You did your job.
You should feel good.
They count on that.
That’s why
they don’t pay you.
I’m not feeling
very 007-ish.
Maybe I can get the kids
to make a medal for you.
Us 00s prefer
gratuitous sex.
Maybe I can do
something about that.
Angola’s holding
another round of bidding
on their
deep-water offshore blocks
at the end of the year.
Elf, and Exxon
are interested.
She did it!
No, I didn’t!
Okay. Everybody okay?
Four arms, four legs.
No broken bones.
KIM: Hey, kids. Mr. Wilson,
I’m so sorry I’m late.
That’s fine.
Look, guys,
Kim’s here.
Mommy coming home?
It’s an honor to meet you
at last, Dr. Harper.
I was unable to attend
your string
gravity seminar at MIT
but I read a transcript.
Did you read
my latest paper
on quarks?
Dr. Harper, I cite your
1995 essay more than once.
Dr. Harper’s
in Cambridge,
She received a call
yesterday requesting
she stay home for 48 hours.
I don’t understand.
Who are you?
I’m sorry for misleading you
but I’m here
to ask you the same question,
because you’re not
Professor Badawi.
Your name is
Dr. Harif Al Fallari.
You were born in Basra.
You were lead engineer
at the Osirak nuclear facility
until you fled Iraq
and arrived here, in Cairo.
I need names of
your colleagues
in the weapons programs.
The lives of hundreds
of thousands of your
people may depend upon it.
This is absurd.
You were never
tortured? Broken?
You didn’t finally
escape and arrive here
in Cairo with nothing?
No. My name is
Bakkar Abdel Badawi.
I’ve never
been to Basra.
I’m a teacher.
Dr. Fallari
had two daughters.
They were taken
by Uday Hussein’s
private guard.
They were
never seen again.
I need names of
your colleagues
in the weapons programs.
the OVP here?
The Vice President’s
men are here.
My name is Scooter Libby.
I am the Chief of Staff
to the Vice President.
You are?
Dave. I’m an analyst
in Non-Proliferation.
What can you tell
the Vice President
about aluminum tubes?
I didn’t realize that
was what we were gonna
be talking about here.
Relax, will you?
The Veep’s just
dotting the I’s.
Come on, Jim.
The only time
the Vice President comes to
Langley is to cut a ribbon.
Cheney doesn’t trust us.
This shit with Dick
goes back 30 years.
It will blow over.
Hey, Val, where
are we on Iraq?
We need to find sources
that we can rely on.
We need to get in close.
Jim, Val thinks she can get us
inside the weapons program.
In three weeks
you have to come
back again, okay?
Thank you
for everything.
Sorry, there’s
nothing I can do.
God bless.
Come on.
I said, come on!
VALERIE: Dr. Hassan, is there
somewhere we could talk?
How long is it since
you saw your brother?
Before that, in ’83,
he came here for an
engineering conference.
Twice in 25 years.
We try to stay in contact.
It’s difficult.
Would you like to go
back and see him?
You want me
to become a spy?
We need to ask Hammad
some questions.
Do you think
he’d answer…
I am a doctor.
I work hard.
I’m also a mother.
I have a small daughter
and I’m all she has.
We could help your brother.
Right now he’s extremely
valuable to us.
And to Saddam.
The Mukhabarat
watch him night and day.
He could come here.
He’s an expert physicist.
He’d have a job.
His children,
his family
would be safe.
You, your daughter
could see him
whenever you want.
Can you help us?
I will not do
anything to help you.
I don’t know you.
If you care about Iraq,
about your country…
My country
is America now.
Trust me, if there
was another way…
I don’t trust you.
I don’t trust you at all.
We’re going to war.
And your brother’s gonna be
right in the middle of it.
If the Iraqi regime
wishes peace
it will immediately
and unconditionally forswear,
disclose and remove
or destroy all weapons
of mass destruction.
Come in.
They’re back.
If Iraq’s regime
defies us again,
the world must
move deliberately
and decisively to hold
Iraq to account.
Don’t make jokes.
He thinks
I don’t understand
how serious it is?
Weeks and weeks
of 15-hour days.
We’ve been back over
this and over this.
All right, that’s it.
I’m going to handle this.
PAUL: We’ve been over
this data with you
five, six times now.
And we don’t know
how you want us
to play this.
Let me level
with you here, Paul.
I don’t know what
these tubes are for.
There could be something
to this, from everything
you’re saying
but very likely not, right?
Let me ask a question.
When you say,
“We don’t really know
how to play this,”
what do you mean?
I mean to say that
I don’t know how to
say it any other way…
You didn’t say “I,”
you said “we.”
So, you and the others
had discussed how to
play these briefings.
Why does the CIA
feel the need to
play these briefings?
No, what I mean is,
I didn’t mean
what I just said.
Which part? The last part?
Or other things, too?
I’m sorry. I’m getting
a little confused.
Do you want me
to come back?
No. God, no.
You don’t know
why I’m here, do you?
In 1991,
the United States
invaded Iraq,
and afterwards
weapons inspectors
discovered Saddam
was six months off
enriching uranium
to sufficiently
high specifications
to make a nuclear bomb.
He had fissile material.
Not a single person
in the CIA had
the slightest clue
that such a program
even existed.
So, now, one decade on
are you telling me
that you’re 100% sure
these tubes are not intended
to create nuclear weapons?
One point
about intelligence,
nothing is 100%.
So, what,
are you 99% sure? 98%?
I’m saying that you can’t
put an exact figure on it.
I’m saying that…
But if you had to say?
You cannot be
that precise.
Could you say
you’re 97% sure?
Is there a 3% chance
you’ve got this wrong?
Or four or five?
Still pretty good odds.
Do you like those odds, Paul?
Are you willing
to put your name to that?
Ready to make that call?
I don’t make
that call, sir.
Yes, you do, Paul.
Each time you interpret
a piece of data.
Each time you choose
a maybe over a perhaps
you make a call,
a decision.
Right now you’re making
a lot of little decisions
adding up to a big decision.
But what if there’s
only a 1% chance
that you’re wrong?
Can you say for sure that
you’ll take that chance
and state as a fact
that this equipment
is not intended for
a nuclear weapons program?
Do you know what
1% of the population
of this country is?
It’s 3,240,000 souls.
Okay, sir.
Look, we’re not machines.
We look at the evidence.
We game it out.
And believe it or not,
not everybody agrees
all the time.
It’s a process.
It’s a process.
And not everyone agrees.
Who doesn’t agree?
What the hell
is Joe Turner doing
next to the DCI?
Didn’t you hear?
On Friday, the DCI took
him to the White House.
He briefed the President
on aluminum tubes.
You’ve got to be
kidding me.
That guy’s a tool.
OFFICER: Ready! Aim! Fire!
BILL: It’s a dead end.
So, you got a list
of Iraqi scientists.
How do you suggest
we get to them?
The Mukhabarat
watch the scientists
night and day.
Their houses are bugged,
their friends are followed.
Send in a team of NOCs
by taxi from the north.
Say you get through
the checkpoints
and roadblocks.
If you showed up
in my bedroom
in the dead of night
asking me
to help out
Uncle Sam,
I’m going to react
Given the theater,
it’s all too high-risk.
Even if we get to them,
they won’t come out alone.
They’ll want
to bring their family,
their children, their kids.
We’ll get down south to Basra,
we’ll ask for Jordan’s help.
Give me two months.
I’ll give you
two or three.
No, I have 29 names.
I need to get to them all.
The wall’s too high, Val.
What do you want to do,
train a mouse?
Did I wake you?
It’s 3:45 in the morning.
I got to be
at the airport
in 45 minutes.
How long this time?
Do we need
childcare tomorrow?
I left it
on a Post-it.
Of course.
It’s on the Post-it.
Look, I didn’t
want to wake you.
All we’ve been doing
is leaving Post-its
for each other for months.
The fridge is like
a dead letter drop.
I sound like some old…
I don’t know
where you go.
I don’t know who you meet.
I don’t know
if you’re in jail somewhere
or in a ditch somewhere
in Jordan, Beirut.
If you went missing,
I couldn’t tell anybody
because you were never there.
I don’t know
where you go.
I’m going to Cleveland.
It’s on the Post-it.
Have a good day.
MALE AGENT: You have two
of these in your luggage.
This is the only pen
we want you to use.
The ink on this pen
is visible for 10 seconds.
Only when given
the correct chemical
fixative can it be read.
If the Mukhabarat see
any of this they will
do things to me that
you cannot imagine.
Tell me
what you need to know.
I will memorize it.
We have 50
very specific questions,
some extremely technical.
You have 206
bones in your body.
Do you want their names
in English, Latin or Arabic?
How do you feel?
If anyone stops you,
anyone asks you anything,
stay calm. You’re just
visiting your brother.
Keep it simple.
How do you do it?
Lie to someone
to their face?
You have to know
why you’re lying
and never
forget the truth.
ALI: It’s time.
Are you ready?
Welcome to Queen Alia
International Airport.
The Mukhabarat is watching
the flight desk on this side.
Based on what
you know right now,
how close is Saddam
Hussein’s government…
How close is that
government to developing
a nuclear capability?
You’ll get
different estimates about
precisely how close he is.
We do know that
there have been shipments
going into Iraq,
for instance,
of aluminum tubes
that really are only suited
for nuclear weapons programs,
centrifuge programs.
There will always be
some uncertainty
about how quickly
he can acquire
nuclear weapons.
But we don’t want
the smoking gun to be
a mushroom cloud.
It’s a coordinated leak.
Someone in
the OVP leaked a story
to The New York Times.
Now they’re all
across the networks
quoting the leak.
“Smoking gun?”
“Mushroom Cloud?”
They’re using the same words.
It’s a coordinated leak.
VALERIE: I’m coming home.
We have been able
to intercept
and prevent him
from acquiring through
this particular channel
the kinds of tubes
that are necessary
to build a centrifuge.
JOE: I always close the door,
I always roll up the window.
but you can smell it.
What would you have
me do, roll up a towel
and hide in the room
like a teenager smoking?
Or sandbag my study?
Just go out
on the deck.
It’s minus 10
degrees outside.
Steve, help me.
You’re missing
the whole point.
A cigar, you want
the Winston Churchill vibe,
the slippers,
the crackling fire.
Or musty books,
like a faithful dog.
JOE: You don’t want to be
outside in a goose down
freezing your balls off
alone in the dark.
So, don’t think Churchill.
Think Scott of the Antarctic.
I quit.
Can I ask a dumb question?
What is an aluminum tube?
It’s a centrifuge.
It enriches uranium.
FRED: How?
JEFF: Nobody knows.
They do know what
they’re for. Come on.
Have you read
about this, Valerie?
Oh, I was away
last week on business.
Basically, Saddam bought
these tubes and we nailed him.
We have them and they’re
packed with uranium.
FRED: They’re
packed with uranium?
JEFF: They’re packed
with uranium!
LISA: My expert husband.
Okay, right.
So, they’re for purifying,
but the bomb comes later.
Basically, you boil it up
and you make the big one.
No, says who?
It’s a bunch
of tubes, Jeff.
JEFF: Everything you read!
The New York Times.
You’re right.
you know about this stuff.
What’s your hunch on this?
I don’t know
anything about tubes.
I’m not qualified.
I think…
It’s a pretext!
50% of Americans
think Saddam
blew up the towers.
LISA: Yeah,
but you can’t say
he’s not a threat!
JEFF: I agree!
FRED: Saddam’s not a threat!
JEFF: Nobody’s
saying that.
If we got rid of
Hitler in the ’30s…
He’s not Hitler!
I’m sorry, he’s not Hitler.
He’s Saddam.
We put him there.
Why? It suited us!
He’s our fault, always was.
He’s not a threat!
Have you met him, Fred?
Have you met Saddam?
Has Saddam
looked you in the eye
and threatened you?
Has he threatened
to kill you?
You don’t know what
you’re talking about.
STEVE: All right.
I think that’s
probably true.
I’m guilty
of part of that.
VALERIE: Dessert?
Coffee? Any takers?
LISA: It was delicious.
JEFF: I do think
he had a point.
He’s making
a separate point.
FRED: Obviously,
this needs to go elsewhere.
We have a rule in our house.
No politics at the table.
It always ends
in a squabble.
Nobody knows what’s
going on over there.
At the end of the day,
who really knows?
That’s right, Sue.
Who knows?
They have given me
questions for you.
What questions?
How close is your
program to a warhead?
When and where
is the first
test scheduled?
How much 235-grade
uranium do you have?
Identify other scientists
of the program.
Who in the military
controls the program?
Which of the…
What is it?
They don’t know?
What, Hammad?
The program was completely
destroyed in the ’90s.
The Americans destroyed it.
They know this.
What else?
How advanced is the
centrifuge facility?
Which method are you using
to separate fissile isotopes?
This is insane.
We don’t have the spare parts
to keep a tank on the road.
I have to work at a plant
which develops fertilizer.
They know.
They know this.
They must know.
You need to see this.
We need to get Jack
to see this, and Bill.
Ambassador Wilson was
the last American official
to meet with Saddam Hussein.
It was 1990, and it was
a pretty scary time.
Saddam threatened that
he was going to execute
anybody sheltering people
he called foreigners.
Ambassador Wilson
called a press conference
and appeared with
a noose around his neck.
And he said,
the press reports,
“If the choice is
to allow Americans
to be taken as hostages
“or to be executed,
I’ll bring my own
fucking rope.”
Saddam backed down
and Ambassador Wilson
helped thousands
get safely home.
When he himself came home
to the United States
he was warmly greeted
by our President,
who took him to the
Oval Office and introduced
him to the War Cabinet
as an American hero.
That’s not quite right.
It was the Roosevelt Room,
not the Oval Office.
In the middle, please?
Does Saddam pose
an imminent threat
to national security?
VALERIE: Zahraa’s
brother worked with
500 nuclear scientists
at the Safa factory.
In ’91 it was
by B-52’s.
Hussein Kamel kept
the scientists together,
threatening to kill them
if they tried to leave.
But sanctions
destroyed the economy.
And when
Kamel was executed in ’95,
the team just drifted apart.
They’re all saying
the same thing. Everyone.
There’s no weapons program.
JIM: You’ve got 30
nuclear scientists
interrogated by Iraqis in Iraq
all saying the same thing.
BILL: Jim, these
people took a great risk.
To bring us what?
I could have saved
us the airfare.
The White House
is getting stove-piped.
Someone is cherry-picking
raw data and serving it up
to the press as fact.
Then they look to us
to confirm it.
It’s bullshit.
JOE: One of Saddam’s
ministers asked him
why he had executed
a certain official
who’d been a loyal supporter.
Saddam said,
“I would rather kill
my friends in error
“than to allow
my enemies to live.”
For me,
that’s the mark
of a monster.
Vice President Cheney,
members of Congress,
distinguished citizens
and fellow citizens.
Every year,
by law and by custom
we meet here to consider
the state of the Union.
Thank you so much.
You’re welcome.
Wait, we’d like you
to have this coffee mug
and some pennants
for your kids.
Thank you.
Thank you
so much for coming
and speaking to us.
Drive safe out there.
…the gravest danger
in the War on Terror.
The gravest danger
facing America and the world.
I’ll have a black
eye to go, please.
What’s that?
Two shots of espresso
in coffee. Black coffee.
US Intelligence indicates
Saddam Hussein has upwards
of 30,000 munitions capable
of delivering
chemical agents.
Thank you.
From three Iraqi defectors
we know that Iraq
in the late 1990s
had several mobile
biological weapons labs.
Saddam Hussein had
an advanced nuclear weapons
development program,
had a design
for a nuclear weapon,
and was working on
five different methods of
enriching uranium for a bomb.
The British
government has learned
that Saddam Hussein
recently sought
significant quantities
of uranium from Africa.
Our intelligence sources
tell us that he has
attempted to purchase
high-strength aluminum tubes
suitable for nuclear
weapons production.
This nation fights reluctantly
because we know the cost.
We dread
the days of mourning
that always come.
We seek peace.
We strive for peace.
And sometimes peace
must be defended.
In Baghdad,
42 cruise missiles
and bunker buster bombs
from F-117’s
were aimed
at Iraq’s leaders.
…campaign called
Shock and Awe.
NEWSCASTER 3: He vowed
the US will accept
no outcome but victory.
For approximately
five to eight minutes.
Bill? Wait up.
Every team is
combing the desert
looking for WMDs.
Look, all I need
is a couple…
We don’t have
the resources, Val!
To get these families…
Listen to me!
Will you listen to me?
Let’s say
we extract these guys.
We bring them home
and put them on CNN.
What do you think
they’re going to tell us
that the White House
wants to hear? Huh?
“Thank you, and by the way,
there was no nuclear program.
“There is no WMD.
P.S. You all knew that.”
Think about it.
Do you want me
to go to the DCI
and ask him
to sign off
on his own funeral?
Bill, I gave my word.
That’s not my problem.
I got bigger problems.
It’s like
if there was a baby
on the ledge up on 7th.
No one would
get up and save it
in case the White House
wanted it there.
Bill’s right. This is
just one snafu in 1,000
that we have right now.
These scientists
are not our…
These scientists
are the WMD.
If we can’t protect them,
they’ll run straight to
the first country who can
and they’ll put
them to work.
I never said this.
If anyone ever asks
I’ll deny all knowledge.
How quietly
can you do this?
I need to know
my family will be safe.
My wife, my children,
we’re all in danger.
Hammad, I know that.
We’ll take care of your
family but we have
to move fast, okay?
How do I know
I can trust you?
Hammad, listen to me,
do exactly as I say.
We won’t let you down.
The US Military has reported
the death of another five
US soldiers on Wednesday.
One soldier died
after being struck
by a bomb while
on foot patrol.
Reported killed
across the country.
Official Iraqi figures
show that 966…
The British
government has learned
that Saddam Hussein…
quantities of uranium
from Africa.
The British
government has learned
that Saddam Hussein
recently sought
significant quantities
of uranium from Africa.
JOE: Listen, Pete,
I want to ask you something.
It’s very important.
Is it possible that the
President is referring
to another African
country, not Niger?
I’ve seen the INR.
It’s Niger.
He’s referring
specifically to yellowcake
from Niger. Why?
I’m the source.
I went to Niger.
It’s wrong. It’s not true.
I see.
What exactly are you
proposing to do?
I don’t know
what I’m gonna do.
Do you want my advice?
Do nothing.
You already did your job.
You did your best,
you came home.
End of story.
We’re talking about Niger.
Yellowcake from Niger.
I don’t have to go
all the way to Africa
to know something’s
messed up here.
Three months
and what have
we found?
No centrifuges,
no yellowcake,
no bio, no WMDs.
You think
something’s up, here?
Join the line.
It stretches
all the way from State
to the Pentagon and back.
Why hasn’t anybody
stepped forward?
Why do you think, Joe?
We went to war.
as your friend now,
just be smart.
You have a wife and a family.
We’re talking
about the President
of the United States.
The White House.
Go take a long
look in the mirror
and say that again.
What’s wrong?
I’m just tired.
Are the kids asleep?
Yeah, they’re asleep.
Okay, good.
I’m gonna go up.
There are some who feel like
the conditions are such
that they can attack us there.
My answer is,
bring them on.
We’ve got the force
necessary to deal with
the security situation.
There’s zero, nada,
nothing new here.
I think
the President’s statement
at the State of the Union
goes much broader
than the Niger question.
Is the President’s
statement correct?
I see nothing
that goes broader
that would indicate
there was no basis
for the President’s
broader statement.
But, specifically
on the yellowcake
from Niger,
we have acknowledged
that that did in fact
turn out to be a forgery.
Oh, shit.
I’m sorry?
The British report.
Mark, clear my morning.
It was wrong, then?
Let me do this, David.
On David’s specific question.
I’m going to come
back to you on that.
Fleischer plowed
the briefing.
I saw.
CBS knows
yellowcake was pulled from
Cincinnati 10 weeks ago.
At the CIA’s request.
They also had that
Gerson wrote both speeches.
Karl is looking for you.
He’s unhappy.
I want a transcript
of everything across
network, blogs,
and print citing
Ambassador Wilson,
Niger or yellowcake.
Tell Karl
I’ll be in my office
straight after I’m done.
The 5th US Circuit
Court of Appeals…
This has
become a trust issue
for the President.
We can’t get
behind on this.
A Democratic-led Senate
Judiciary committee…
We need to change
the story.
Who is Joe Wilson?
A new controversy
over re-targeting
some of America’s
nuclear weapons.
There will be more
at the President’s
press conference.
If someone works
at the CIA and they sent
their spouse on a trip,
would there be
a paper trail?
Any such request
would require approval
from the chain of command.
From the requestor right up
to the Director of Operations.
Yes, paperwork
would normally
be generated.
Does the President
have the power to
declassify information?
“The CIA’s decision
to send retired diplomat
Joseph C. Wilson…”
Further down.
“Wilson never worked
for the CIA but his wife…”
“Is an agency
operative on weapons
of mass destruction.”
He just went ahead
and did it.
Does this run overseas?
It’s in the newspaper,
Valerie. It’s on the news.
Novak’s column.
Is he syndicated overseas?
It’s everywhere.
VALERIE: Jessica McDowell.
Maureen McDermont.
I just flew in
from Scotland.
MAN 1: Valerie,
what do you do?
I work in venture capital.
Grace Semel.
Sigma Chemicals.
Paris, Milan, Vienna.
MAN 2: Who are you?
We need a matrix of everyone
you’ve come into contact with
in a covert capacity.
I’ve already
started a list.
We need to get an idea, fast,
of how much this thing bleeds.
Sir, I have several
live-ops at crucial stages.
People in the field
in critical windows
of operation.
One thing at a time.
Make a list,
then come back here.
Don’t do anything else.
Why is Internal Security here?
To help you
and us conduct this
damage assessment.
Ms. Plame?
We’re going this way.
The restroom.
Ms. Plame?
Ms. Plame?
Ms. Plame?
Val? Val!
Jack, I’ve got to get
a message to Baghdad.
I’ve got 15 scientists
being taken
to the border today.
I have to get
word to them.
I don’t know what
you’re talking about.
Jack, they’re packed
and ready to go.
You know what
this means.
Sorry. I’ve got to go.
Ms. Plame.
Val, can I see
you for a minute?
Take a walk.
As of this morning,
all CPD operations
involving you
have been suspended.
Effective immediately,
you’re to have
no further contact
with assets or agents
in the field.
Any further
involvement in operations
is no longer possible.
Bill, I have eight,
nine teams in the field.
We have assets
in Kuala Lumpur,
Mumbai, Dubai.
I need to brief
my replacement
in the Joint Task Force.
The head of the JTFI’s
identity is classified
for reasons of
operational security.
I have a critical operation
in Baghdad in a major…
Val, I’m sorry.
It’s over.
You were
a good officer,
but it’s over.
“Two senior administration
officials told me
“that Wilson’s wife suggested
sending him to Niger
“to investigate
the Italian report.”
This comes from
the Vice President,
the Chief of Staff,
or a top advisor.
I got to go.
TREVOR: Look at my picture.
I will.
SAMANTHA: Trevor won’t let me
borrow his Power Ranger.
VALERIE: Did you
say please?
I said please!
There’s a 1982 act
that says it’s a crime
for a government official
to knowingly disclose
a covert agent.
It comes with a $50,000 fine
and/or up to 10 years in jail.
Don’t answer
the phone, honey.
It’s been ringing all day.
Do not… Who have
you spoken… Joe?
Please don’t.
Joe, Joe…
She is. Hello?
I’m sorry, honey.
Are you okay?
She’s right here.
It’s Lisa.
Valerie, your name
is in the paper.
(CHUCKLES) It says
you’re a CIA agent.
Look, I can’t
talk right now.
Well, I can’t
make a comment.
Look, I’m going
to call you back
tomorrow, okay?
I’m really sorry.
Oh, my God.
It’s got to be true.
Your mom called.
Your uncle.
Janey in Chicago.
I wrote it down
there for you.
And Andrea Mitchell called.
She said
White House
sources say
the real story
is not the 16 words,
but Joe Wilson and his wife.
Did I care to comment?
Well, I damn well
do care to comment,
and she’s asked me
on the show the
day after tomorrow.
You’re not going on TV, Joe.
Thank you.
JOE: This was clearly designed
as a shot across the bow
for those who might
step forward,
those unnamed analysts
who said that pressure
was put on them
by the White House,
for example,
would think twice
about having their
own family’s name
dragged through
this particular mud.
I didn’t prepare
for this moment.
I had no plan for this day.
DIANA: When did you join?
’85, straight
out of college.
Wow, that’s…
Eighteen years.
So, did they
find you, or…
No, I approached them.
And did Joe know?
Your parents?
Yes, but that’s all.
So, do you have lovers
all over the world?
Do you have a gun?
Have you
killed people?
I can’t. I…
I can’t tell
you anything.
You can’t
tell me anything.
Okay. All right.
So, do you want
to go shopping?
See a movie?
Hi, Mom.
MAN: Did your wife
send you to Niger?
I was not sent by my wife,
but the issue is
not who sent me,
it’s whether or not
a crime was committed.
I’m going to get it!
TREVOR: I’m going
to get it! I got it!
WOMAN: Your husband
is a communist.
I hope you die,
you commie whore.
We know where you live.
Who is this?
TREVOR: Beat it!
Mommy, Trevor won’t
let me go on his tractor.
Okay. So, find something
else to play. I don’t…
What? What?
“He stayed inside
for more than two weeks.
“Then he nibbled…”
Hammad has disappeared.
His wife,
his children are missing.
My uncle in Mansour,
he said they
were targeting them.
They were killing them.
Hammad’s colleagues.
Dr. Habbuk was shot
dead in the street.
Dr. Falli was murdered
in his hallway.
I know you can’t
tell me where he is.
Just tell me you have him.
Please, I beg you.
I don’t need to know anything.
Just tell me he’s safe.
We don’t have him.
You said he would be safe.
You said
we would help you.
You promised.
I trusted you.
The Justice Department
need to establish
whether those in
the highest office
sought to destroy the career
of a public servant
to punish me
for telling the truth.
What’s going on?
What are you doing here?
Falli. Hubbuk. Who else?
I don’t know what
you’re talking about.
Don’t bullshit me.
Who else is dead?
You were right.
It was all about
the scientists.
We made a call.
A call?
We passed your case
files to liaison.
Mossad were already
on the same page.
They’ve been hunting
these guys down
since the invasion.
You’ll drive them underground.
They’ll run straight to Iran.
it’s not your problem.
How can you sleep at night?
I sleep just fine.
Now, Carol’s mother
is here. I’m sorry,
but I’m going to have
to ask you to leave.
It’s called
counter-proliferation, Jack.
Linda, are you
still here? It’s late.
At the end of the day,
it’s of keen interest to me
whether or not
we see Karl Rove
frog-marched out
of the White House
in handcuffs.
And believe me,
when I use that name,
I measure my words.
GIRL: Mr. Wilson!
Excuse me.
GIRL: We came all the way
from Portland for this.
Hello. Okay.
My wife and I have
never sought publicity,
but I know
when I tell her about all of
the support out here today,
she’ll be thrilled
and humbled.
Valerie, turn on MSNBC.
why can’t I have
some juice?
Okay. Hold on one second.
They’ve launched
an investigation.
Ashcroft just
announced it.
They say he’s going to
convene a grand jury.
Hold on a second.
The FBI now is conducting
a criminal investigation
into who leaked the name
of the CIA
undercover operative…
I’m going to be back later.
I’ve got to go over to Fox.
They want me to comment
on the investigation.
Joe, just hold on.
JOE: Valerie,
we’ve got to fight this.
We cannot…
We’ve got to push back.
Where’s my doll?
I’ve got another call.
I gotta go.
Joe! You have to…
Joe Wilson.
Joe, it’s Chris Matthews.
I just spoke to Karl Rove.
He told me,
“Wilson’s wife
is fair game.”
Thank you
for coming here.
I wanted to convey
my outrage to you
in person.
I know it’s not easy,
but I want you to know
how much the Agency
appreciates your silence
in the light of this matter.
We can’t afford
to have this knife fight
go on any longer.
I get death threats
every day.
People threaten
to kill my husband,
hurt my children.
I went to the Agency
and I requested security
to protect my family.
I was declined because,
“My circumstances
“fall outside
budget protocols.”
If this is a knife fight,
sir, right now
we’re fighting it alone.
Joe Wilson versus
the White House, huh?
Well, all I can say
is good luck.
But I feel, as a friend,
I should tell you
that those men, those few men
in that building over there,
are the most powerful men
in the history of the world.
How much of a stretch
do you think it’d be for them
to take on Joe Wilson?
Joe is out there
on his own, Valerie,
but I know
we can trust you.
Speak to your husband.
Tucker Carlson says,
“Wilson’s wife sent him
on a boondoggle.”
“He needed the work.”
Who needs to work for free?
It’s not like
Niger is renowned for its fine
dining and celebrated operas.
It reminds me of Paris.
Listen. Someone from
Vanity Fair called,
they want to do a piece.
They want to do
a full-scale interview,
Tell the whole story.
What do you
think about that?
What do I think?
Do I want my photograph
in Vanity Fair?
Is that the question?
this is our chance.
To do what?
To tell our side
of the story.
It’ll mean a dozen,
maybe 50 TV appearances.
We have to do that.
They’re killing us
on Fox, in the blogs.
They’re drowning us out.
We’ve got to strike back.
What? What’s wrong?
What did I say?
Don’t you get it, Joe?
I mean, where does
all of this stop?
Our address
is on the Internet.
A photo of our house.
I’ve changed our
phone number, what,
five times now?
My name…
My name is everywhere!
My real name, Joe!
Where does
all of this tough-talk
and publicity and noise,
and all of this
bullshit that you’re doing,
where does it get us?
Andy Card told
the Financial Times
that they are rolling
earthmovers over Joe Wilson.
Well, I’m sorry,
you’re not going to
get me without a fight.
Not without one
hell of a fight.
It’s the White House, Joe.
It’s the White House.
Do you seriously think
you can pick a fight with
the White House and win?
They’ll bury us!
They’ll bury us
if we don’t!
Listen to me, Valerie.
No, no,
you listen to me!
Valerie! Valerie! Valerie!
Does that make me right
if I shout louder than you?
If I shout louder
than you, am I right?
If I’m the White House
and I shout a million
times louder than you,
does that make me right?
They lied, Valerie.
They lied. That’s the truth.
Truth. Right.
Well, by the time
they’re finished with us,
we won’t know
what that is.
TREVOR: Look, Mommy.
Is Scooter home?
What’s that?
The Senate
just finished
its investigation.
The findings of the Select
Committee on Intelligence,
all 511 pages.
Check out page 39.
Hi, Daddy!
Who’s the
Hey there, monster.
How are you?
Go get there.
Get some play in
before it starts to rain.
What’s that?
That’s the Senate
Select Committee
Intelligence report.
On page 39,
it says, “The former
ambassador’s wife
offered up his name.”
It then
includes a memorandum
written by Valerie Plame
which says, “My husband
has good relations with
both the Prime Minister
“and the former
Minister of Mines,
“both of whom could shed light
on this sort of activity.”
This is exactly
what I’ve been denying.
No. No.
I’ve been to every newspaper,
every television, radio,
anybody that would
listen to me,
saying my wife did not
send me on a junket.
I didn’t send you.
I didn’t have that power.
You sent an e-mail.
found the e-mail.
I write
hundreds of e-mails.
Why didn’t you tell me?
It never occurred to you,
in all this time, that
this would be important?
I didn’t make the decision.
I was asked to write
a recommendation.
What was I supposed to do?
Not say my husband
knows about this?
Well, they have this now.
They’ll call me a liar
and it will stick.
‘Cause they have
all the power.
What do I have?
My word.
You’ve got
to speak up,
You’ve got to go
on the record now.
You’ve got to defend us. Now.
So what do you
want me to do?
Go to the papers like
you did? Write a piece
in The New York Times?
You know
I’d have to submit
it to the Agency…
Wait, wait, wait.
Honey, go play.
Go on, go on.
The Agency?
who’s your loyalty to?
To your husband or the CIA?
It’s to my family.
I put my family
first, always.
Were you putting them
first when you wrote
that goddamn article?
TREVOR: Mommy!
Go find Samantha.
I’m taking different routes
to and from school.
I’m looking in empty rooms,
under beds,
every time I come home.
A home we’re going
to lose pretty soon
because your work has
dried up and your clients
are running for cover.
What has all this
achieved, Joe?
Maybe you’re right.
Maybe I just should
have kept my mouth shut.
Is that what your dad
taught you, Valerie?
Is that what
Colonel Sam Plame
would say?
A good American
just keeps
his mouth shut.
A good American just
looks the other way?
Did you send me
to Niger?
His business
is struggling,
he’s on the slide.
I’ll pull a few strings,
send the old man a bone.
Is that pretty much
what happened?
How dare you.
Did you send me?
You think I’m lying to you.
Could I tell
if you were?
Trevor? Honey?
Come on, Sam.
Let’s get in the car.
Bye, guys!
I’ll see you at home.
Bye, Daddy!
I’m taking my car, okay?
Joe Wilson
was a shameless
Everything about
his story
was either a lie
or a hoax
or he was incompetent.
I think this is important.
If we’re in time of war
and you want to know
what the President said
or what
the President didn’t say,
whether it’s accurate or not,
and you have someone who says,
“I’m sent over there
“by the Vice President
of the United States
“and George Tenet
to investigate this,”
and instead it turns out
he was sent over
at the recommendation
of his wife…
MALE REPORTER 1: There he is!
MALE REPORTER 2: Is it him?
Mr. Wilson…
This is private property.
You’re trespassing.
Mr. Wilson,
did the Vice President…
Please get off
my property!
I have no comment!
was the Niger trip
a free holiday?
Get off the property.
A boondoggle?
Have you been lying
to us from the start?
I never lied.
I didn’t receive
any payment.
My wife didn’t send me.
Now, leave.
Did the taxpayers pay
for your vacation…
All of you, leave!
…Mr. Wilson?
It wasn’t a vacation.
It was a fact-finding mission
in the lead-up to a war.
What? What?
Are you against our troops?
Get off my property!
Are you against our troops?
All the way off
the property!
Mr. Wilson,
people are saying
that your wife doesn’t
actually work for the CIA.
Is it true
she’s just a secretary?
REPORTER 4: Mr. Wilson,
is it true that you
donated money
to the Kerry campaign?
Mr. Wilson,
your wife’s a nobody!
Well, I think it’s really
all about the money.
We’re talking about
a third-rate CIA agent
who had a government salary,
and now she’s out.
She could have transferred
somewhere else within the CIA.
She didn’t have to leave.
Probably the CIA
wanted her to leave
because she had
already been in the press
without their permission.
It’s come out that
she was considered
kind of a mediocre
agent at best.
Can I just take
this pillow?
When we were
at The Farm training
to be field officers,
they picked out
four or five of us
and told us we stood out.
We were bound, hooded,
thrown into separate cells.
They deprived us of sleep,
beat us.
All we had to do
was give up the name
of one of the others.
Just one name.
They push you
until they find it.
Until they find the point
at which you break.
And one by one,
everybody broke
except me.
And that made me
feel special.
You can’t break me.
I don’t have
a breaking point.
I was wrong.
I’m gonna walk down the stairs
because I can’t run down them.
VALERIE: Okay. You go safely,
but, let’s go. Quickly.
Don’t forget
your jacket. Trevor.
Okay, say goodbye
to your father.
Hey, guys.
SAMANTHA: We’re going
on a mystery tour!
I know you are.
Come here. Come here.
I’m going to see
you both real soon.
Why aren’t you
coming, Daddy?
I’m going to see
you really soon.
Okay, let’s get
in the car, guys.
You got it?
Come on, let’s go, guys.
SAMANTHA: I’m getting soaked!
Hi, baby. Hi.
Hello, Mom.
Hi, baby,
how are you?
Hey, Trevor, my goodness,
how big you are! Come on in.
now do you want a red
one or a green one?
SAMANTHA: Red one!
TREVOR: Red one!
Here’s a red one and…
Apple and caramels,
I think.
So, what color
apple do you want?
TREVOR: Green.
You want a green?
Oh, good. I’m glad.
Afghanistan could
quickly revert back to…
The governments
of Niger and Burkina Faso
are interested in exploiting
the gold reserves
along their common border.
There’s not a lot of interest,
as gold’s at $150 an ounce.
But it would compliment
your holdings in East Africa
and the concession’s cheap.
My friend.
Joe Wilson.
Karl Moleo Guderron.
Such a pleasure.
Nice to meet you.
How is your wife, Joe?
She’s fine.
She’s well. She’s…
Excuse me? Can I just…
A black eye, two shots of
espresso, strong coffee.
I’m not very hungry.
How long are you in town?
Just a few days.
Komolea and I are excited
to hear your proposal.
Can I help you?
Excuse me, can I help you?
I was just telling these men
that you, sir, are a fraud.
This is a private lunch.
Could you leave now,
please? Thank you.
This man is a liar
and a traitor.
He is in the pay of
left-wing hate groups.
She’s just a reporter.
He’s a Democrat stooge
and he’s an anti-war zealot.
He has stabbed
our troops in the back!
Okay, leave now.
Excuse me,
I’m very sorry.
Wilson, you’ve got
blood on your hands
and your wife
is a traitor
and a fantasist.
Okay, okay, leave my table.
How dare you talk
about my wife.
You don’t know her,
you don’t know me.
Now leave now!
Very nice.
You gentlemen
should know…
She’s gonna leave.
…you’re having lunch
with a traitor!
I think we should leave.
Please, don’t.
No, we should.
Did you hear the way
that this man just…
Shame on you.
You call yourself
a reporter?
Shame on you!
You’re nothing but a
self-promoting hack!
You okay?
I’m fine.
You’re him.
I see you on TV.
You’re Joe Wilson.
No, I’m not.
Yes, brother,
I see you on TV.
That’s somebody else.
No, no, I know you.
My name is Joe, too.
I’m from Sierra Leone.
You’ve been there, right?
You like Freetown?
Joe, you and I both know
Freetown’s a shithole.
That’s the truth.
That’s the truth
right there, brother.
Yes, indeed,
Sierra Leone is dying.
There’s too much injustice
and corruption
in Sierra Leone.
People at the top
have too much power,
way too much power.
But people can’t see
that from over here.
Over here, in America,
it’s a different world.
I wouldn’t be
so sure of that.
How can you
say that?
Land of the free, brother,
home of the brave.
Joe, could you pull over?
I’m just gonna…
Pull over here,
I’m gonna walk.
Keep the change.
SAM: That’s cheating!
SAMANTHA: I got it!
SAM: Ready?
Above your head!
Above your head!
Swing your rope!
How is he?
He’s okay. He’s better.
He’s shaking through.
I win. (GIGGLES)
SAM: There.
There they are.
Do you see those guys?
Those little yellow fellas?
Yeah, I see them.
See that?
There’s a name for them.
I used to know the name
for them.
Some kind of…
They’re beautiful.
I think my marriage
is over, Dad.
I know my little gal
doesn’t say anything
until she absolutely has to.
There’s going to be another
Congressional Investigation.
He wants me to speak out.
Go on the record.
Like that would suddenly
make all of this go away.
We can’t even
speak to each other.
I can remember
saying exactly
the same thing.
July, ’72.
Me and your mom
weren’t getting along,
we were fighting
all the time.
I guess she just
plain had enough
of moving house.
It wasn’t until I retired,
25 years in the Air Force,
that I realized
that we never
did have a home.
We must have moved
20 different times,
I don’t know.
Germany. Singapore.
Australia. England.
You had 20 different
chances to introduce
yourself as someone new.
You turned out all right,
though. Okay. I mean,
you’re responsible.
A little too serious, maybe.
It made you tough,
though, huh? Real tough.
Probably tougher than me
and your mom could ever
I just can’t see
how this comes around.
Not this time.
Not anymore.
What they did was wrong, Val.
It was just plain wrong.
Don’t you ever forget that.
You know,
say if through some miracle
you get through this thing,
I mean, there’s no guarantee
you and Joe won’t fight.
You know,
he’s a stubborn
son of a bitch.
I mean,
he’s not going to give up
any more than you are.
SAMANTHA: Grandpa, look.
I swear to God
she’s going to keep at that
thing until she licks it.
Come on,
raise your hand up!
There you go!
Good shot.
I’m going to do it again!
SAM: Yeah.
(CHUCKLES) Good try!
…maybe the final results.
Shit. Mom?
And it’s turned out
to be bad news
for one member
of the White House team,
and a central figure he is,
Scooter Libby. Five counts.
And as Brian Williams
just said on NBC News,
in that special report,
30 years he faces right now.
And I want to talk right now
to Dan Abrams, my colleague,
who handles these
legal matters…
You can imagine
that the letter
of resignation
was probably drafted
somewhat in advance
and that there were
indications in the past…
What is next?
Lawyers for
Lewis Scooter Libby
are preparing his defense
following his indictment
on Friday.
Meanwhile, President Bush
is set to
announce his next nominee
to replace Sandra Day O’Connor
on the Supreme Court.
MAN: Karl Rove escaped
indictment today,
but according to sources
still faces
a possible perjury charge.
Now, two things here.
First of all, the Karl Rove
business about today,
the fact that he was
not indicted today
is certainly
what you would call
interim good news,
but it can only be called
interim good news
because as you know,
the investigation,
insofar as he is concerned,
is going to…
They served up Scooter Libby.
He’s going to take the fall.
I’m sure
they’ve already
brokered a deal.
He takes the fall,
the deck is stacked,
he gets pardoned.
I bet there won’t
even be a trial.
I don’t care what
they say about us.
I don’t care
how angry you get.
If they take
all of this away,
I don’t care.
They do not get
to take my marriage.
I’m so sorry.
You did good.
I did it for me.
I know why you did it.
Thank you.
If I could
give it back to you…
If I could give you
back who you were…
This is who I am.
Right here.
Are you ready to fight?
How many of you
know the 16 words
in President Bush’s
State of the Union address
that led us to war?
How many know
my wife’s name?
Valerie Plame.
Valerie Plame.
Now, how can you know
one and not the other?
When did the question
move from
“Why are we going to war?”
to “Who is this
man’s wife?”
I asked the first question,
but somebody else
asked the second.
And it worked.
Because none of us
know the truth.
The offense that was committed
was not committed against me,
it was not committed
against my wife.
It was committed
against you.
All of you.
Now, if that makes you angry
or feel misrepresented,
do something about it.
When Benjamin Franklin
left Independence Hall
just after
the second drafting,
he was approached
by a woman on the street.
The woman said,
“Mr. Franklin,
“what manner of government
have you bequeathed us?”
And Franklin said,
“A Republic, madam.
“If you can keep it.”
The responsibility
of a country
is not in the hands
of a privileged few.
We are strong,
and we are free from tyranny
as long as each one
of us remembers his
or her duty as a citizen.
it’s to report a pothole
at the top of your street
or lies in a State
of the Union address,
speak out!
Ask those questions.
Demand that truth.
Democracy is not
a free ride, man.
I’m here to tell you.
But, this is where we live.
And if we do our job,
this is where
our children will live.
God bless America.
Ms. Wilson, we’re pleased
to have you here.
Thank you
very much for coming
to our committee today.
It’s the practice
of this committee
that all witnesses
are administered an oath.
And I’d like
to ask you to stand
and raise your right hand.
Do you promise
to tell the truth
and nothing but the truth?
I do.
Please be seated.
Now, there’s a button
on the base of the mike.
Be sure to press it in
and pull it
closely enough to you
so you can be heard.
Good morning, Mr. Chairman
and members of the committee.
My name is Valerie
Plame Wilson.
And I’m honored
to have been invited
to testify under oath
before the Committee
on Oversight
and Government Reform
on the critical issue
of safeguarding
classified information.
I’m grateful for
this opportunity
to set the record straight.
I served
the United States loyally
and to the best of my ability
as a covert operations
officer for the Central
Intelligence Agency.
I worked on behalf of
the national security
of our country,
on behalf of the people
of the United States,
until my name
and true affiliations
were exposed
in the national media
on July 14th, 2003,
after a leak by
administration officials.
Today, I can tell this
committee even more.
In the run-up
to the war with Iraq,
I worked in the
division of the CIA,
still as a covert officer
whose affiliation with
the CIA was classified.
I raced to discover
solid intelligence
for senior policymakers
on Iraq’s presumed weapons
of mass destruction programs.
While I helped to manage
and run secret world-wide
against this WMD target
from CIA headquarters
in Washington,
I also traveled to
foreign countries
on secret missions
to find
vital intelligence.
I loved my career
because I love my country.
I was proud
of the serious
entrusted to me
as a CIA covert
operations officer.

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