EZ Bar Vs Straight Bar Curl: Which is Better For Building Biceps? (ft. Scott Herman)

BSN athlete Scott Herman breaks down the differences between the EZ Bar Curl and the Straight Bar Curl. Which one should be in your arm workout if you’re trying to build bigger biceps?

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hey what’s up muscle and strength
I’m Scott Herman team BSN and today
we’re gonna talk about which is the
superior exercise ez bar bicep curls or
straight bar bicep curls and to
understand which is best first we have
to know what the biceps actually do and
there’s two main functions but a lot of
us only seem to remember one of them
which is flexing of the forearm that’s
why every bicep curl involves this
motion but what’s the other thing that
the biceps do well they actually help
supinate the forearm and so if we take
this information and apply it to bolds
exercises it’s very easy to see that
when utilizing an exercise like a
barbell bicep curl you’re not only
flexing the elbow joint to perform the
movement but your arms are stuck in the
supinated position which means we’re
getting maximum bicep engagement
throughout the entire range of motion
and now when you use an EZ curl bar
because the EZ curl bar obviously has
the different grooves in it it allows us
to grab the barbell in such a way that
our hands can be slightly turned in like
this so what happens well you’re
sacrificing one of the main movements
that the bicep does which is the
supination of the forearms so why do
people go for this exercise well the
main reason is because some people have
too much tightness in their wrists that
it starts to hurt keeping their hands
supinated the entire time and the EZ
curl bar can help alleviate that pain
so my suggestion to you if you don’t
have wrist pain and you can handle doing
straight by bicep curls there’s no need
to incorporate both into your routine
stick with the one that gets the most
biceps engagement which is the straight
however if you start to get pain in your
wrist I recommend utilizing the EZ curl
bar while working on your flexibility
and then once your flexibility gets to a
point to where you can handle the
straight bar switch over to that hope you
guys enjoyed this video be sure to LIKE
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