Extreme Fat Burning Workout | Abs w/ HIIT | Jumping Mountain Climber and Variation #Dreamfit_2020

Extreme Fat Burning Workout | Abs w/ HIIT | Jumping Mountain Climber and Variation #Dreamfit_2020 #shorts

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Q. How often should I train my Abs?
A. To get results and prevent over training, focus on hitting your core two to three times a week post-workout. During those workouts, aim to include a variety of core exercises- not just crunches. Planks, cable wood chops and abdominal rollouts
are all good Variations to include.

Mountain climbers are a great power move for runners. They ramp up your heart rate, challenge your balance and agility, and get your muscles burning. And though they’re usually considered a lower-body exercise, mountain climbers actually engage the upper arms and core, too.

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