Extreme Fat Burning – Morphic Field

Extreme Fat Burning – Morphic Field

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When one goes on an exercise regimen and limits their caloric intake, the body burns fat and stops putting away so much fat for storage. Based on my own years of research on dieting, weight loss and how the body works in general, carbs are transformed into sugar and in turn stored as fat.

This is because most diets by the average American are extremely high in carbohydrates. Let’s face it, there’s no such thing as a “good carbohydrate” when you’re overweight and trying to burn fat. Once the body is taught not to burn carbs but to store them as fat, that’s ALL your body will do with carbohydrates.

Since you aren’t utilizing any energy reserves, the body naturally will store fat. When adipocytes stop functioning normally, they store abnormally high energy and release energy at a very slow rate. These enlarged fat cells will then release hormones which cause inflammation, slow metabolism and contribute to many diseases and disorders like diabetes, heart disease and etc. This process is known as adiposopathy and it makes obesity treatment very difficult.

This programming will command the body to purge and remove all hormones related to excess adipocytes, lower inflammation and heal parts of your body that would otherwise be slowly damaged during obesity. This programming will then tell the body to immediately break apart all excess fat cells in your entire body. These cells that are broken apart will die and will be excreted through urine or expelled carbon dioxide. This programming will also teach the body to permanently extract energy (calories) directly from food to the organs rather than storing them.

This programming will also improve baseline metabolism, kick-start your thyroid glands (as they regulate the metabolism), increase your sensitivity to insulin (high insulin sensitivity), decrease inflammation, tightens skin that may be somewhat affected by rapid weight loss and increases the general health of your body.

This programming will also tell the body to permanently stop storing carbohydrates as fat and use them as energy immediately, re-balance blood sugar levels, and temporarily inhibit myostatin production UNTIL you’re at a healthy body weight relative to your height. (Myostatin inhibition is shown to lower body fat levels.) I have also kept in mind that some weight is contributed to muscle mass as well so you’ll go down to a healthy weight while keeping muscle mass. Once you have reached a healthy body weight, your body will then keep you at that same weight without going down further to unhealthy levels.

This programming will also jump-start your metabolism permanently so that way you maintain a healthy metabolic rate. In turn these factor should lead to the decrease in fat cells in your body safely and effectively.

Recommended use: 3 – 6 times a day

Make sure to hydrate

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