Explosive fat burning workout for a ripped body

Explosive fat burning workout for a ripped body

Alexia Clark and Jason Sani have got the best explosive fat burning workout for anyone looking to get ripped fast and attain those 6 pack abs.

The workout is a circuit, you want to run through the exercises as many times as you can. Alexia recommends doing this circuit 3 – 4 times for the best results.

By following this circuit, your heart rate is constantly elevated and allows you

The exercises involved are:

• Kettlebell Sumo Squat to Upright Row
• Lunge Jump to Squat Jump
• Dumbbell Chest Press and Leg Rais
• Push Up and Leg Cross Over Crunch

Equipment Required:

• 1 Medium Weight Kettlebell
• 2 Medium Weight Dumbbells

#1 Kettlebell Sumo Squat to Upright Row


Note: For this exercise you will need 1 medium weight Kettlebell

• Stand with feet just over shoulder-width apart, while holding a kettlebell arms down in front of you
• Bend your knees outward, lower the kettlebell to the floor
• Stand up straight
• Pull the kettlebell up to just below your chin
• Straighten your arms back down
• Repeat

Reps: 12

#2 Lunge Jump to Squat


• Assume standard lunge position
• Lower into lunge
• Push up off the ground through your heels into a jump
• Swap leg positions to opposite lunging stance
• Lower and push off again
• Land in squatting position
• Push off the ground into a jump into first lunging position
• Repeat

Reps: 10

#3 Dumbbell Chest Press and Leg Raise


Note: For this exercise you will need 2 medium weight Dumbbells

• Lie flat on your back with dumbbells in hand in a neutral press position
• Press the dumbbells up into the air changing your grip to an overhand position
• At the same time, perform a leg raise, lifting your legs directly up into the air with a slight bend in the knee
• Lower both at the same time
• Repeat

Reps: 10

#4 Push Up and Leg Crossover Crunch


• Assume standard push up position
• Lift one leg off the floor and touch it to your elbow on the opposite side
• Bring it back and keep that leg hovering above the ground
• Perform a push up
• Put your leg back on the floor
• Repeat on other side

Reps 8

This is possibly one of the best explosive fat burning workouts out there. Running through Alexia and Jason’s routine a few times is a sure fire way to increase your metabolism and get your body in that fat burning mode.

If you want to learn more ways how to increase your fat burning potential and to get closer to that shredded six pack, check out the Instant Knockout blog for latest tips and guides.


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