Everyone deserves a bill for monthly expenses.) especially Home business!

Home business’s pay same taxes those business’s not in the home! Renting to own a home is where my business is so it and the water and garbage is a business expense. Everyone deserves a bill.When a business is paud six months in advance for rent on their trailer and the land it sets on that money is only to be used for that not syphoned off for water/sewage and trash!
this is not play time here! I read even with Bronchitis. I’m a blogger/writer.

Renting to own a trailer you are also tenting the land.In September I put $10,000 down on a trailer to rent to own in Iowa.I gave $3000/6 for six months rent{ thats rent if trailer and rent of land under the trailer. The land lord’s wife takes from that money stipulated for land and trailer rent{Sewage,trash and water adding taxes to that too.} So that means that my.money paid for rent will be gone before April!

That sucks! This is shitty way to run a business on their part.This is a business expence for me.Where’s the three month bills?