Epic Funnels Review

Epic Funnels review:

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Thank you for watching my Epic Funnels review.
Epic Funnels is a new software by Billy Darr.
It goes live on September 20th at 11AM EST.
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Epic Funnels Review
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What Is Epic Funnels All About?
Epic Funnels bills itself as “The World’s First Viral Funnel Builder.”
In a nutshell, the software enables users to create high converting sales funnels.
Also, it contains Done-For-You templates.
You might think of Epic Funnels as being similar to ClickFunnels.
However, there are not as many bells and whistles.
Also, there is not monthly feee – just a one time cost.
What Are The Steps You Need To Take?
There are three steps to the funnel process of lead generation:
On the front end, you get 6 done for you funnels.
These templates are built with landing, survey, and thank you pages.
Also, you get marketing automation tools to keep of leads as they enter the system.
Now let’s look at the three main aspect of the system:
To create drop surveys and forms, go to the marketing section and then the form builder.
You can now get the most ouf of Epic Funnels with lead capture forms and surveys.
These will help capture leads for future promotions.
For this section, when the leads arrive into the system…
…they will get immediately assigned to an email marketing automation campaign.
This campaign is made up of 6 drip messages along with an introductory email.
Then, you can modify, change, and extend these emails on a case by case basis.
Finally, let’s look at how this system will you to close more deals.
When leads come in from the pre-built funnels, those “opportunities” get tagged.
An opportunity card is then created and gets put into a pipeline and will receive a score.
For instance, if the prospect completes the survey funnel, they will be assigned as a hot lead.
Then, it’s easy to manage each opportunity…
…by dragging and dropping to different stages of the pipeline.

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