Embroidery Small Home Business Goals for 2021 – Exciting new projects coming soon!!

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Hi! My name is Kelly Payne otherwise known as the Embroidery Nurse welcome to the Embroidery Nurse YouTube channel! This is where I will share tips, tricks & tools of the trade in machine embroidery. Subscribe to Learn (and hopefully teach me a thing or two!)!

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My business goals for 2020
1. Get financials in order – Paper and spark
2. Hire VA to help with social media
3. Work on Etsy listings – SEO pictures etc
4. Launch Appliqué of the month club
5. Launch Shopify site
6. Keep more inventory in stock
7. Launch New website for learning more about machine embroidery – tips tricks and tools of the trade
8. Sell starter boxes
9. Sell supplies and fabric
10. Offer 1 on 1 coaching
11. Showcase weekly stitch outs
12. Make 1-2 videos a week for YouTube
13. Save for Christmas 2021 using Digit App

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