Embassy at Home – Business France VIE admin

Hi my name is Karen Soman.
I am the VIE administrator at Business France
for the UK and Ireland.
My role is to manage the promotion of the VIE programme
to French companies that want to expand
their activities abroad
by hiring young professionals from France
and the European Economic Area
and also manage and be the main contact
of those young professionals
about their lives, whether it’s from an administrative side
or sometimes personal.
When the lockdown started I had no time to think
as I received a large number of requests from VIEs
as well as their companies
on a subject no-one had encountered before.
The main issue, on top of being able to answer on time
was to source the proper information to provide
to all our stakeholders.
I adapted easily thanks to the help provided
by our headquarters
and my colleagues, who were a real support
especially when we all ended up working from home.
The main challenge after two months of lockdown
is to be able to properly monitor the movements of VIEs
from one country to the other.
It is sometimes difficult to track all the changes
and at the same time be able to provide all 160 VIEs
general information about the evolution of the crisis.
My message for everyone would be to keep being informed
through the media and embassy
but mostly to have a strong support system in place
whether with family or friends
and also with your colleagues
who are in the same situation
and can easily relate to it.
and of course stay safe.

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