Embassy at Home – Business France invest team leader

Embassy at Home – Business France invest team leader

Raffaella Silvetti from Business France UK discusses her work as head of the invest team, UK & Ireland.
Hello. My name is Raffaella Silvetti
and I’m head of the investment team
at Business France in London.
Business France is the French trade and investment agency.
Our job is to promote France’s attractiveness
and to facilitate and support investment projects in France
of UK and Irish companies.
In practice this involves meeting companies
discussing with them their
international development strategy
identifying their needs
and providing the best solutions
so that they can have a soft landing in France
and if they’re already in France
it’s helping them further develop in our country.
Since the beginning of the crisis
we have reorientated our activity to support UK
and Irish companies already present in France
basically providing information and making sure
that they are fully aware
of what the French government is doing
to support businesses through this difficult time
and to help them preserve the work first
and their financial health
partial employment scheme
the guaranteed loans etc.
More generally we’ve been checking
on companies to see how they’re doing
and offering our support.
Since the beginning of the crisis
we have contacted over 1,000 UK and Irish companies
and I must say that it’s quite reassuring
to hear from them that they consider the measures
put in place by the French government
as ‘timely, effective and easy to apply’.
Just like many others we have shifted
to 100 per cent remote work
and I must say that we’ve been able
to do this quite seemlessly
as the team was already partly working
from different locations.
The investment team has done a terrific job
in adapting to the new circumstances
and to be operational from day one.
Stay safe.
And if you’re a UK company
whether you’re already present in France
or you want to set up there
do not hesitate to contact us.
We’re there to help.

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