Educating Entrepreneurs & Home Business Owners To Achieve Results!

Educating Entrepreneurs & Home Business Owners To Achieve Results!

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Educating Entrepreneurs & Home Business Owners To Achieve Results!

Hey My Friend, I’m Glad you stopped by my video today. Welcome To My Channel Where I Enjoy Educating Entrepreneurs & Home Business Owners To Achieve their Dream Life With Proven Strategies!

Today I would like to cover some key details about what my Youtube Channel is all about! You will learn a bit about my background and how I’ve been in the affiliate and network marketing industry for 12+ years.

I have a Passion for the Crypto Space and Believe that one should know the difference between an Asset and a liability. I have a tendency to look for and buy Assets that can make me more money. Gold and Silver are great Assets but Like Robert Kiyosaki I believe that Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency is as much an asset as any Gold and Silver. That is why I have such an interest and Passion for Cryptocurrency.

Miner4Crypto is a Keyword you will find used a lot here on this channel as I believe when you mine for crypto you can create a passive income! I find a passive Income is very Important in today’s society and to learn the skill set for this is a powerful tool anyone can have at their disposal as long as they are willing to learn it.

Another Keyword You will find on this Channel is Gamer4Crypto as I am a Gamer at heart and always will have a passion for gaming. I’ve played World of Warcraft for over 10 years and I also play Elder Scrolls among other games. Over the last few years I have developed an interest in Video Games that pay your Crypto when you play them. This is Still a very New Concept but the technology already exists. You only need to know where to look.

As you now know I am a Gamer so you will also find a playlist where I share my game play in any or all video games I choose to play and share. My Main Avatar is Zedicuss thus you may find some of my gaming friends refer to me as Zed if I ever share content as a gaming group in a raid or dungeon.

With that said…

If you have not watched this video yet then please watch the video above this description.

We Enjoy Your Feedback! Please be sure to drop your thoughts on our latest video content in the comments section Below. Thanks For Your Support! 😄

Disclaimer: All Content On this Channel Should Only ever be used for educational purposes! When Involved In any opportunity, please keep in mind I am not a Financial Advisor thus the content on this channel is not and should never be confused for financial advice as all investing is indeed speculative. Please Always Do Your Due Diligence, Research, and Invest Wisely!

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