Easy workout at gym | Fat-burning workout for beginners

Good day everyone! ⛅️

Gym workout combination:

15 minutes walk on treadmill

Bent-over row 2 sets x 10-15

Superman exercise 2 sets x 10-20

Reverse fly 2 sets x 10-15

Jumping jacks for 30 seconds

Russian Twist 3 sets x 15-20

(Rest for 30 seconds) Remember to always rest if you feel like dizzy, faint or if you are out of breath.

1 minute planking

Wide-grip lat pull down 3 sets x 10-15

Cable Rope Face Pull 3 sets x 15-20

Rope lat pull down 3 sets x 15-20

Hope you like my workout to help burn your fats! See you on my next video. 😍

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