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Maintaining Bee colonies in man-made hives is called Honey Bee Farming or Bee-Keeping. The practice of Honey Bee farming is termed technically as ‘Apiculture’ and the location where these man-made hives are maintained is called an ‘apiary’. Bees are generally farmed for their honey and other products like Bee wax, Propolis, flower pollen, royal jelly, Bee pollen, etc. This practice also produces Bees which are sold by the Beekeepers for income generation. Bee farming was believed to have begun thousands of centuries ago in North Africa. It is estimated that there are more than 20,000 species of wild Bee species around the world. Bee farming is practiced with the social species of Honey Bee variety, which live in colonies. Two widely known varieties of Bees from the Apis genus are Apis Mellifera and Apis cerana. The mellifera species are mostly managed by Bee keepers of Europe and America and hence this species is also known as a Western Honey Bee. The cerana is managed by the Bee keepers of the tropics and is also known as Asiatic Honey Bee. There are two major ways in which these Bees are farmed, they are: the traditional Bee keeping way like the fixed comb hives and the modern Bee keeping techniques like the top-bar hives, horizontal frame hives and the vertical stackable frame hives. This Honey Bee farming project report describes the activities of Bee Keeping and at the end it discusses about the cost involved to maintain a small farm of Bees and the profits linked to it.

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Scope and importance

Commercial Bee keeping is possible in India because of a vast forest cover facilitating the presence of nectar and pollen on its grasslands. It is known that 160 million hectares of land is under farming in India out of which 55 million hectares of land is under entomophilous cropsthat need cross-pollination by Bees or other pollinators. The production of honey is about 10 million tonnes and that of Bee wax is about 10,000 tonnes. So if roughly estimated there is a scope of keeping 200 million Bee colonies in the country which can provide self-employment to over 10 million families of the rural population. Currently, there are 1.8 million colonies in the country and there is a need to expand the area under Honey Bee farming such that the required target is met. With increasing demand for honey in the country as well as in the international market, the potential for Honey Bee farming should be tapped so as to create employment opportunities for the people in the rural areas and generate good income. Honey Bee farming has remained a minor unit of cottage industry and there is being little scientific support and infrastructure provided for this sector. It is important to recognize the demand for Indian honey in the local and international markets and start exploring new ways to increase the production so as to meet the growing demand.


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