Digital Flipping 2: Unique Low Cost Beginner Online Business – learn Home Business

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Digital Flipping 2: Unique Low Cost Beginner Online Business – learn Home Business
What you will learn in this course ?
What you’ll learnMake Your First $1,000 Per Month (Or More) Online Starting With As Low As $10 And Virtually No RiskFree Way To Find Buyers That Will Pay You Hundreds Of Dollars Or More Per DealFlip Deals Without Experience, Education, A Portfolio, Or Facing Buyers Face-To-FaceEasily Find Other People To Do The Work For YouDo This Anywhere With An Internet Connection And Very Little TimeGet Paid Within 5 Days After Closing A Deal
Still works as of April 1, 2020 (Even During COVID-19 Coronavirus Crises) – See Proof in Free Lectures Watch All FREE Lectures Now To See How This Method Works And Earnings ProofIf you’d be happy earning an extra $1,000 per month (or more) to pay your rent, bills, vacations, and other business projects… then this may be the ideal online home business for you to start with.Here’s Why:You do NOT need a lot of capital (I started with $20)You do NOT need to take any upfront risk (In fact, the only time you’d spend money is once profits are already secured in escrow)You do NOT need any inventory (No upfront costs or risks. Everything is digital.)You do NOT need to leave your home (Everything is done online.)You do NOT need to put in full time hours (We’re not trading time for money so this can be done in your spare time)You do NOT need to know how to generate traffic, create products, be an expert, have a team, nor learn any complex skills (I show exactly where to find buyers and how to outsource the work)You do NOT need to talk to buyers face-to-face (Everything is done via messaging)You do NOT need any previous work experience, previous education, nor any certifications (We outsource the work)You do NOT need to live in the USA (I share an international marketplace)This method does not require a lot of risk, a lot of time, nor complex skills… because we’re simply doing something I call “”Digital Flipping””.The Only Requirements:You should have excellent English comprehension and conversational skillsYou can not live in Iran, North Korea, Syria, Crimea, or Cuba (rules of the site I share)Starting capital of, at minimum, $21.00How Does It Work?Imagine a client wants a website designed for $500.In the course, I then show you how to find an expert to do the job for you for $100 (or much less). Once the job is complete, you send it to the client, and you profit an extra $400… and you didn’t even do the work. That’s what I call Digital Flipping.Think of yourself as the Project Manager. You find the client, outsource the work, oversee the project, and then collect your fee. By the way, once you deliver the work you receive the money within 5 days; so it’s a relatively fast way to earn extra income.And, of course, I show you how to find buyers, how to outsource the work, and how to close the deal… even if you have no portfolio, no education, no certificates, or no past experience. Plus, we don’t have to talk to buyers face-to-face (I share the exact chat message script to close these deals).CHECK OUT THE


IN THE “”CURRICULUM”” SECTION TO SEE EXACTLY HOW THIS WORKS.Earnings ProofMost courses are junk and full of theory.You’ll probably realize this course isn’t junk after you’ve viewed the free previews.You may also notice my Digital Flipping method is NOT something I’ve just read about, seen, or heard in passing. I’ve actually done this method for 2+ years (and still do it) so it’s based from my successful application. Watch the beginning lectures and you’ll see me earn up to $4,000 in a month.FOR



– WATCH THE FREE PREVIEW OF “”SECTION 1 – LECTURE: (EARNINGS PROOF) HOW I MAKE AN EXTRA $1,000 PER MONTH WITH DIGITAL FLIPPING””I show in my first 30 days with Digital Flipping I earned an extra $512.50. In the next month, I earned an extra $1,213.00. In the following month, an extra $914.00.

Most recently, I shared how I earned $4,000 in one month.

Now, students are using this same process to make their first dollar online… or even earn a full time income.
(Bolded statements are my emphasis)—“”This actually works! Basically I found the job on upwork and applied didn’t realise it was for a work at home job full time but I was invited to attend a Real Life interview and that was because of your dummy script, I got given the job and half the money upfront then the rest once complete but here’s the good part it’s on going! It worked out at £5k then an amount to be decided for the ongoing part! Thanks Paulo!””- Sam Jarvis, posted in Q&A on Jan 19, 2018—“”I couldn’t be more Happier!! Thanks t