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DFY Profit Funnels is a cloud-based app that creates a completely ‘done for you’ sales funnel, complete with custom product and squeeze page with just a couple of clicks of your mouse.

With DFY Profit Funnels you’re getting 3 software tools all in 1 & unlike other tools that have high monthly fees or don’t work like they claim, DFY Profit Funnels works without any special skills needed… plus, it’s affordable.

Creating a squeeze page takes minutes, and you can also create a stunning product to use as a give-away to get opt-ins with a few mouse clicks.

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Hi guys so today I’m going to be
covering a new product which is called
done for you profit funnels and it is
is the world’s first automated 100%
done for you sales funnel app which
generates traffic
sales and commissions on demand and
what’s so unique about it is that i’ve
never seen this with any other software
before is that it has literally
everything you need all in the one place
so it’s not like
say for example you know landing page
building software where
you basically just build a landing page
to promote your product
and then you have to go and figure out
how to create a product it does
everything all in one place which is
so done for you profit funnels shows you
how to create a product and then form a
funnel and then get traffic to that funnel to
start selling your product there’s even tools inside
of the software which help you to create like ebook
covers which help you to create the
product within there you can connect up
your autoresponder so
mailchimp activecampaign whatever email
software you choose
to use you can connect it up and if
you’re a complete newbie you know this
this software is fantastic for experienced people and online
building funnels and also for newbies
you know beginners there’s a section
of the software which is all about
tutorials so
if there’s a specific part of you know
building a funnel that you’re not too
sure about or a specific feature within
the software that you’re not sure about
there’s a list of tutorials in there
which teaches you how to do everything
it helps you along every step of the way and the best thing
of all which is different from most of the
software’s out there is that there’s no
monthly recurring fee is just a one-off
payment and you’ve got the software for good and
there’s different levels of the software
so you obviously have your basic intro
level and then you can advance
as you progress to the higher versions
of the package now in a minute i’m going to show you
the back end of the software so you can
get more of a feel for it but before we
do that i just want to let you know that
if you go to the landing page
and create an account via my link below
you’re going to get some unbelievable
bonuses but only if you use my link to
sign up so
the bonuses that you’re gonna get are
really gonna help you and support you
with the software and they’re all free
and then bonus number three is zero hour
work days
so this is another free course which i’m
going to give you
access to which will show you it’s it’s
a method of getting traffic to your
funnels once you’ve built them so it’s
all about solo ads so once you have
your funnels built this will help you
it’ll give you an alternative way of
getting traffic to those funnels so that
you can sell
and another bonus is going to be the
loss code course
which again is an alternative method of
traffic to your funnels once you have
them built and then of course you’re
going to get all the amazing bonuses
depending on what package you sign up to
there’s an abundance of amazing bonuses when you
sign up to buy the actual software so let’s take a
look at the landing page and then we’ll
behind the scenes and look at that
actual software itself
which really gonna explain to you what
you’re gonna get with the software a
little bit more in depth so it’s the
world’s first automated 100
done for you sales funnel app which will
enable you to have a sales funnel
essentially that will be able to run
on automate and and generate you sales
hopefully every single day
like i said in my intro there’s nothing
else like this on the market
i’ve been working online for the past
couple of years now i’m making money
online and i’ve never
seen anything like where you have you
know the majority of the components that
you need all in the one place for creating a
successful sales funnel so if you’re new to building funnels and
sales pages um it doesn’t matter because
like i said there’s there’s tutorials
back there that show you and help you
every single step of the way and then
you get the bonus products for signing
up via my link which will help you even
further so you really don’t need any tech skills
or experience at all to make this work for you and just
in case you know you have any doubts
there is a 180-day
money-back guarantee if you add all this
up it comes to a total
you know if you outsourced it to a
couple of
thousand dollars but you’re not gonna
have to pay that because
you pay the one-off fee here no monthly
recurring bills
and you basically get the support and
you get the tools to set up
everything you need to get up and
so we’ve done for you profit funnels
you’re getting access to free software
all in one bundle it’s a squeeze page
builder digital
product creator done for you sales
funnel creator
it takes a few simple steps to start
generating leads and sales you know it’s
just a couple of clicks it literally
really is done for you
and who can benefit and profit we’ve
done for you profit funnels
so if you’re an affiliate marketer it
we’re really really help you
product creators list builders shopify
high ticket consultants offers ebay and
amazon sellers
cpa marketers and coaches so we’ve got
some more benefits here and
and basically yeah that’s that’s a good
point you know you won’t need a website
or a domain or hosting you won’t need to
go for all that
difficult techy stuff you know it’s all
in the one place you don’t have to worry
about it
you won’t need complicated expensive
funnel software because you have the
templates here all you have to do
is drag and drop edit the content
there’s tutorials to help you along the
you don’t have to install anything and
you won’t have to waste money
testing traffic sources because you’re
going to get support with that within
the software and with the bonuses that
you’re gonna get for signing up with my
link there’s some fantastic
traffic generating courses in there
which you’re gonna get for free when you
sign up through my link
so if you got to this point and you’re
like well i i would like to create my
own product but i
literally don’t have a clue that doesn’t
matter you can test out to begin with
um one of the products from the library
so there’s video training
ebooks graphic packs wordpress themes
and plugins
software tools reports like you don’t
have to create your own product you can
use one from the library
some testimonials of people who have
used software
okay so let’s take a look at the actual
software itself
so when you log in here is what you’re
see and it’s the dashboard and then
you’re gonna get a little intro video
which you should listen to
and basically here is what you have have
access to so there’s
there’s ebooks there’s products there’s
bonus builder pages there’s flat
there’s 3d graphics there’s templates
there’s images
there’s so much going on in here so the
first thing you’re going to want to do
is go to the tutorials page
and there’s a list here of different
tutorials like i said
showing you every step of the way so how
to create a product
how to create and design covers for your
how to edit your products form forms for
your products
set up funnel autoresponders how to
connect those
how to access payments done for you
um and then traffic which is a big one
and then there’s a couple of others down
there and which you may be interested in
and the first section is autoresponders
yeah that’s what i was looking for to
make sure active campaign because i use
active campaign and so that’s a big one
for me
and some of you might use mailchimp
which is another
big piece of software or even convertkit
and get response
you literally can connect them all up
through here
which is good to know um and then we’ll
take a look here there’s ebook cover
creator so like i said there are
templates but
even say for example if you already have
your own ebook you don’t need to create
you can just upload that but here are
some of the templates just in case you
don’t have an ebook already
and you literally just go to actions and
you can preview edit and you can
then the version of the ebook once you
have created it
there’s loads of different templates in
there you can go to create your own
flat 3d lots of options in that
and then you probably go to the ebook
cover once you’ve actually created
your products so so there’s a couple of
different options here
with creating your product so this text
file url manual database
and you choose your own and if you need
a little bit more advice on which one to
um then again go to the tutorial section
and they will help you out
and there’s the library so
these are basically just templates
in the library that you can choose from
there’s the my products tab
so you’ve got test funnels first time
affiliate done for you
and proven sleep these are just example
so many different templates fitness one
of the weight loss habits email mark
and dog train and you know whatever
niche that you’re in
there’s so many different options so
many different templates to choose from
and there’s the done for you funnels so
if you’re struggling on
um again what to promote you can
get some inspiration around this this
area and promote
an already made product and then here’s
the free traffic session
so this should show you how to get
traffic once you have your funnel set up
and shows you a little bit of a video
walk through the intro of how they’re
going to show you how to get the traffic
and then conversion tools so basically
if you already know quite a bit about
funnels and how to advertise them you
know if you maybe going to be running
facebook ads for example you can add
your facebook pixel in here in the
conversion tools section
and then there’s the bonus builder
and yeah so here’s some bonus builder
pages and you can actually take a look
at some of them so if you view the sales
page we go here’s an example
of one of the sales pages you could use
here’s a template that you could add
your own
images and and content into
it’s a really good template um and
there’s the help
section upgrade your membership and
there’s all these
these upgradeable options here if you
are going in a little
more advanced or say for example if you
spend a little time
in in this um initial basic version
and then you feel like you want to go to
the next level there’s always
an option here later on to to upgrade so
to summarize
i do think that this is a decent piece
of software especially considering
that it’s you know you can get it at an
early bird price for less than twenty
dollars one time fee
like that is incredible it’s definitely
worth trying out even if you decide
later on that
you don’t love the software you know
it’s definitely
worth all the bonuses for the twenty
dollars like the bonuses are incredible
you know you’ve got my bonuses
you’ve got the vendor bonuses which are
like you know the values are almost ten
thousand dollars
alone and then if we go back
to the dashboard you know you’ve got all
the builders you’ve got the free traffic
conversion tools
um you’ve just got so much value you
know for the sake of less than twenty
dollars if you do get it before the
early bird price
absolutely incredible so you can’t go
wrong really for that price can you
you know especially if you if you
starting out uh or
if you’re looking for a more affordable
option you know if
you’re not too bothered about budget and
you have your product down already i’d
maybe suggest click funnels because i
think you know as a builder as a funnel
builder click funnels is
it is one of my favorites it’s right up
there but if you are on a budget and you
are starting out and this
is perfect especially for the bonuses
and the training that you’re going to
so if you’re happy with what you’ve seen
and then you want to start creating
funnels and products
that you can start running traffic to
today and start making money
click the link below this video if you
choose to use the software do let me
know let me know how you get on
semi your landing pages and your
products i’d love to check them out
yeah subscribe to the channel for more
reviews and more
products and affiliate marketing and
design tips

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