Day 7 – 14 Day Fat Burn Challenge – Yoga Stretch & Tone – No Equipment

After 6 Days of HARD WORK, today we will be relaxing at the beach and stretching out those well-deserving muscles.

Stretching is extremely important to muscle health – it helps with injury prevention and promotes flexibility. Flexibility, in turn, allows for better mobility and thus, a better and more well-rounded workout. And we all know what a good workout means – better results and BURNING FAT!!!

Lets breathe deeply together and appreciate the week of hard work!!! And know that we are all in this TOGETHER !!!

Due to the fact that we are at the BEACH for this workout (Which may make it difficult to hear my verbal cues) – I will be taking you through the motions muted, with built-in audio prompts and on-screen explanations. The sound of waves will accompany you throughout this workout.

PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have 🙂

For an even BETTER result – try this workout 2-3x through.

Tag me in your instagram stories – I want to see all you beautiful people sweating along with me !!! @AmandaBrianneFit

This workout consists of the following:
*** Approximately ONE minute for each stretch
*** No Equipment
*** No Talking and,
*** Positive Vibes Only !!!

Over the next two weeks these workouts will help to:
*** Lose Belly Fat
*** Slim & Tone Thighs/Legs
*** Tone Arms & Shoulders
*** Tighten Glutes
*** Lose Weight
*** Increase General Happiness 🙂



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