Day 40: Reading books – Building a startup product from scratch

I’m building a startup product and sharing the entire process on YouTube. This is a work in progress, so **subscribe for updates**! Timestamps & links below…

What I did today:
– 0:00 – Talk about when it’s a good idea to read startup books
– 4:24 – Skim through two books on running meetings with sticky notes and doodles
– 33:48 – Research book authors
– 48:07 – Small app/style tweaks, showerthoughts, backlog grooming
– 1:30:25 – Welcome screen improvements: bigger chat heads, instructions for sharing your screen from the welcome slide
– 1:44:08 – Design and code better slide navigation
– 2:24:52 – Show participants who they’re logged in as
– 2:32:46 – Add form to let people leave feedback (replace mailto links) with Formspree
– 2:52:44 – Style tweaks

Recorded November 16th, 2019

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