Onto Day 4 of the Boot Camp and something a little different for you. This is a killer 25 Minute Fat Burning Endurance Workout that is a little different to something you may have tried before

This Fat burning Workout is what is called a 1-10 workout and it’s tough

Truth be told , I had planned on something a little different for today’s video but. Going by some of the feedback and to help ease some of the newer members into the Boot Camp, I decided to throw this workout in there to ditch the weights today, use our bodyweight only and let those muscles recover a little

This workout is actually one of the bonus workouts taken from my Zeus 6 Week Shred Program. So you’re getting a little extra treat with a workout taken from that program. (Shredders will know this well)

It gets such good feedback , I thought it would be a good opportunity to throw it in

So what about this workout. Well actually this workout is very deceptive as it actually lures you into a false sense as it feels like it starts of pretty easy.

But then as the workout progresses , rather than sitting at the same intensity. It just gets tougher and tougher and tougher to the point where it’s at it’s toughest at the end and you’re screaming for it to finish

How the 1-10 workout works is that we start with just 1 rep of each exercise , then 2 reps , then 3 reps , then 4 and so on all the way up to 10 reps of each

You will get it when you follow along. Starts easy , ends in hell

So are you ready for today’s challenge? No time to waste, grab some water and let’s do this

The exercises –

Halo Slam
Step through lunges
Push up burpee
Single leg touch downs
Star Jump

Keep going and keep your comments coming , love to hear it all. Remember to Join our Zeus Members Tribe also and to come and invite others to do the same and take on the challenge with you and you could both win some prizes

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As with every Zeus workout , I always recommend warming up and doing some dynamic stretching before hand. Even if it is only 5 minutes and we have you covered there

You can do this 5 minute warm up routine right here to get you ready for the workout ahead

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