DAY 1 | FREE 28 DAY WORKOUT CHALLENGE | Total Body Fat Burn HIIT | Timer & Modifications Included

Welcome to your 28 Day Fat Burn & Sculpt Challenge.
Those of you who have completed workout challenges with me before, won’t be shocked to hear that I wanted to kick-start this challenge with a nice sweaty fat burn sesh! You may find this strange, but I like to set the tone for the Challenge, and start my week, with a great high energy workout. So here it is. This workout is broken into 3 circuits, each one designed to target different muscle groups, whist keeping the heart rate high throughout.

*Modifications are included in my Real-Time workout videos

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Wearing Lorna Jane

Resistance band

Circuit 1 – ABS
1. Commandos
2. Bicycles
3. Banded Plank Jack x4 | Commando
4. Hundreds with Band
5. Squat Jump In/Out/Up with Band
6. Dead Bugs
7. Roll Back Oblique Twist
8. Bear Position Alternate Knee Crunch
9. Banded Jump Jack | Punch x2

Circuit 2 – LEGS AND BOOTY
1. Banded Crab Walks (band above ankles)
2. Banded Squat Push Out
3. Banded Hamstring Butterfly Bridge (toes raised, feet away from the butt)
4. Banded Jump In/Out (keep butt low)
5. Jumping or Stepping Alternate Back Lunges
6. Adducted Butterfly Bridge (on toes)
7. Shuffle Squat Jump with Pulsation
8. Plank Jack x2 | Jump Jack x2
9. Fire Hydrants (20sec each side)
10. Squat Jump In/Out/Up with Band

1. Toe Reaches
2. Core Roll Back & Hold with Shoulder Pumps (band around your wrists & pump out)
3. Back Plank Hold (Band around knees & abduct – push out)
4. Hundreds (Band around knees & abduct – push out)
5. Bear Position (Band around knees & alternate step foot out/in)
6. Side Plank Hold with Feed Under L
7. Side Plank Hold with Feed Under R
8. Core Roll Down Hold & Pulse
9. Plank Jack x2 | Jump Jack x2

How many full burpees can you complete in 45 seconds
Yaas! You’ve made it and you should be so so proud of yourself. Make sure you keep track of how many burpees you completed as you’ll be doing them as a finisher every Monday for 4 weeks.

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