Dance366.208  Tap (Toe Heel)

Dance366.208 Tap (Toe Heel)


Dance 366 is our daily video post for 2020. These videos are designed to coincide with what we teach in class- not to replace traditional classes or be viewed as stand alone videos. These videos are just the “tip of the iceberg” in regards to how diverse and intricate dance is.

We enjoy sharing the E.P.I.C. love of dance with others and it is our goal for dance to be easier understood. We strive to find a way for dance to be available for everyone.

Please note that these were also filmed with the intent to be simple- they are not fancy and are kept fairly minimal as my/ our primary focus has been on classes.

Be E.P.I.C.
Keep On Dancin’!

~Miss Christy & E.P.I.C. Staff 🙂

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