Daily Yoga For Fat Burn – Easy Poses

Today’s video contains a 50-minute sequence of yoga poses and exercises that work very well together, providing rhythm and fluidity.

Yoga practice can promote a good reduction of body fat, partly due to the flow of movements, but also through the muscular resistance used to sustain each posture. For this reason, it is critical to be fully focused during the session.

Now you may find a quiet place within your home where you can concentrate on this yoga practice. Good luck and let’s begin!💪❤🧘‍♀‍

00:00 Leg Extensions
02:45 Lean Backs
05:03 Rest
05:26 Leg Lifts
07:37 Rest
07:59 Seated Obliques
10:11 Rest
10:43 Side Plank (Right)
12:15 Side Plank (Left)
13:46 Rest
14:19 Alternated Bridge
18:04 Rest
18:36 Plank
19:46 Rest
20:19 Upward Plank
21:39 Rest
22:11 Fish Pose
23:42 Rest
24:14 Leg Extensions
27:00 Lean Backs
29:19 Rest
29:41 Leg Lifts
31:52 Rest
32:14 Seated Obliques
34:26 Rest
34:58 Side Plank (Right)
36:29 Side Plank (Left)
38:01 Rest
38:33 Alternated Bridge
42:18 Rest
42:50 Plank
44:00 Rest
44:32 Upward Plank
45:53 Rest
46:25 Fish Pose

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