Cold Call Fear – Overcome Barriers to Making Critical Business-to-Business Phone Connections

No matter what your business, you must make cold calling part of that business. Social media platforms and email are all the norm in today’s communication – but none can replace the impact of your voice over the phone. NO ONE likes to pick up the phone and cold call, particularly when you might be cold calling someone you just met at a networking event.
Along with getting motivated to make the cold call, you have to know how best to communicate in a cold call pitch. To get us up to speed in cold calling, Richard “Capt’n” Henderson and Sherilyn Colleen interview “cold call expert” Nicole Attias (, who assists clients in recruitment, corporate training and sales. Subscribe to Home Business TV ( Home-Based Business Start-Up Guide (; Episode Sponsor: City America *
Subjects discussed in the podcast include:
* Why cold calling is still effective in the Youtube, FB, Linkedin and social media era
* How to get rid of a fear of cold-calling rejection
* The best time of day to make calls
* The basics of dialing a good cold call
* How to leave effective voice mail messages
* when is the best time to follow up with prospects
* How many unsuccessful cold calls before it’s time to “move on”