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For those looking to hedge their Wealth; here’s an Opportunity to Start Acquiring Physical Gold in Small Increments and start EARNING commissions.

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Karatbars was founded in 2011 in Stuttgart Germany. Currently the company has over 700 thousand affiliates in over 140 countries.

Karatbars specializes in the distribution of small increments of 24karat 999.9 pure bullion gold bars.

The company has advanced into the innovation of merchant services with their:

K-Merchant Payment Solution

Blockchain Technology with their own Blockchain KaratNet. They have also created products that run over the Blockchain: IMpulse VoBP Phone and WHIM VoBP Laptop.

Their Karatbit Exchange also runs over their KaratNet blockchain. Currently the trading pairs are BitCoin, Ethereum, KBC and UNV (gold). Note: an individual can trade their cryptocurrency for pure gold.

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