Can I use GMB to Promote My Home Business? – Denvedata Web Digital Strategy Chat Clip

Can I use Google My Business to Promote my Home Business? What are the benefits and risks or doing so? Watch this clip from Denverdata Web’s Digital Strategy Chat to discover which types of home businesses are eligible to use GMB as a marketing tool.

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Gearing up to 2021, we expect a lot more home businesses and entrepreneurs to start popping up. Is Google My Business an option for home businesses?

The answer to that depends on your business model. If you’re running a service-area business out of your home. For example, if you’re holding supplies and doing clerical work for a carpet cleaning or catering business, this means you are in direct contact with your clients. Your clients can call or email you to schedule appointments, and you go directly to your customers’ locations to drop off products or to carry out services. In this situation, a Google My Business is legitimate and beneficial since you are interacting directly with the customer, regardless of whether or not they come into your business location.

In a home business situation though, It is recommended (and even required), to omit showing your business address in your listing. Because home businesses are mainly still service-area based, customers will typically begin the transaction online or over the phone and will likely never need to visit the home-business location to put in an order or pick up products. Because of this, Google Maps will not need to be factored into the listing, and therefore the address can be hidden for the business owner’s safety and because it is simply not necessary to include it. Instead of a location, in this case, you can instead include a list of cities and the service areas you are willing to work within.

As far as at-home businesses where GMB does not apply, these mainly include companies that do not work with or provide consumer-direct products or services. One example is if your home business creates gift baskets for department stores. In this case, the department store will act as a “middle-man”, so to speak” between you and the consumer. Because you wouldn’t interact directly with the consumer of the gift basket, your business would not be eligible for a Google My Business listing.

On the other hand, if you provided gift baskets to department stores and also to individual consumers, your business would be eligible for a GMB local listing. In this case, I would strongly recommend your website reflect both service types, as Google may reference that as proof in deciding if your business qualifies.

So in short, having a Google My Business for your home business depends solely on your business model. For more Guidelines for Representing your Business on Google, please visit
It’s, you know, it’s all geared around, you 
know, that activity by the end customer,  
right? Like, how they’re going about finding 
what they need, and if it doesn’t make sense,  
it doesn’t make sense. I mean, 
there’s, you know, there’s even,  
like, people who run their business like out 
of their home, right? I mean, and that’s okay,  
that’s great! I mean, there’s gonna be a lot more 
of that, I know it, there’s a lot of startups for  
entrepreneurs and that sort of thing, and 
maybe to start out there, I mean, is that  
risky? Is that something you’d even want to do? 
Can you like, make that not happen? I mean…
So, if you are running your business out of 
your home, that… it depends on what the  
business is though… because if you’re running 
your business out of your home and you are…  
from your home — holding your supplies 
to do carpet cleaning or to do catering  
or something like that, that you could use a 
Google My Business for because you are interacting  
directly with the customer, regardless of whether 
or not they come into your home. If you’re  
bringing something to your customer directly or 
going to your customers home to perform a service,  
then absolutely you can have a Google My Business.
If that’s happening and you are using your 
home as your office, I definitely wouldn’t  
recommend putting the address on there. You can 
omit having your address if that’s the case,  
mainly because it doesn’t factor into Google Maps 
in that way. People aren’t going to look for your  
at-home catering business and then come to your 
house to put in an order. They’re going to do that  
over the phone or online, and for that reason 
you can have a Google My Business and you  
can put in the areas that you work in, but you 
definitely wouldn’t want to include your address.  
On the same note, if you have an at-home 
business and you’re providing, let’s see,  
you’re providing a box of the month club 
or something and you’re bringing… you’re  
collecting these things and sending out 
your box of the month club from your home,  
that would be something that even though you’re 
sending something directly to the customer…um,  
I guess that’s not really the greatest 
example. *laughs* I have another one  
say you are creating gift baskets that 
you then have Macy’s carry and, or  
department stores carry and sell to customers and 
you’re putting together these gift baskets in your  
home and you’re selling them to stores and then 
stores are then selling them to customers. Because  
there’s that middle man in between you and the 
actual customer, that would not be that would not  
be a case where you would need to Google 
My Business. And, I know that’s… there’s  
a little bit of that… can be a little bit 
touch-and-go, because if you are providing  
something that a customer directly may want, 
I guess it’s mainly about your business model.