Business Spotlight: Liberty Office Suites Provides Safe and Professional Office Rental in New Jersey

Ron Soussa, owner of Liberty Office Suites, recently spoke with TAPintoTV about how his office space and meeting room rental locations help clients operate successfully. At their two locations, Liberty Office Suites provide safe and clean office spaces for business professionals who are challenged with remote working or being productive at home with children taking virtual classes.

Liberty Office Suites’ properties are modern, well-maintained and conveniently located. “Whether it’s our Parsippany location or our Pine brook location, you can see that we care about the buildings,” said Soussa. Desks, chairs, phones, WiFi and all common amenities are offered at Liberty Office Suites. Nowadays, WiFi and the Internet is the most necessary item for guests at the suites. “It’s safe, it’s fast, and it is something that they can depend on,” according to Soussa.

Soussa and and the entire Liberty Office Suites staff are taking the pandemic very seriously. Every employee wears a mask at all times and Soussa recommends that clients wear masks outside of their private offices. Liberty Office Suites utilizes their Halo disinfection system on a regular basis, which disinfects common areas and the facility ventilation systems. The restrooms at Liberty Office Suites are entirely touch-less, including the sinks, soap dispensers, and specialized sanitary door openers.

Learning Garden Academy, a preschool, is located on site at the Pine Brook location, for clients worried about their children being home alone. According to Soussa, people are not going back to any big cities any time soon for work, and the flexible options at Liberty Office Spaces help people “feel safe and comfortable, that they can get into very quickly, and if necessary, can get out of very quickly.”

Liberty Office Suites also allow people and their businesses to become “virtual clients.” For those who would prefer not to go anywhere at all during the pandemic, they can become a client of Liberty Office Suites, but not physically work in an office. Virtual clients “get their mail delivered over here, so they will have our address on their business card,” Soussa explained. A personal suite also allows clients to get to know others who work on site, mainly small business owners. According to Soussa, “small business owners all have something in common, wearing many hats at one time. And to the extent that you can leverage the relationship that you develop by propinquity.”

As businesses grow, office spaces will also need to grow. Liberty Office Suites will provide necessary support for businesses as they change and develop. “As you grow, we’re your partner. We’re ready to grow with you,” said Soussa. Liberty Office Suites provides people with office space and services, while working in a safe and comfortable environment, during this difficult time.

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