Business Acceleration – Get Your Home Business to the Next Level Fast

Business Acceleration – Get Your Home Business to the Next Level Fast


All home businesses run into roadblocks that prevent them from growing and succeeding in their most important areas. They’ll need to overcome obstacles and get help in achieving key goals. In short, they need a business accelerator. That’s where April Shprintz, founder of Driven Outcomes, comes into play ( April doesn’t coach nor consult. She is developing a whole new category of business development that gets clients to their goals faster.

Richard “Capt’n” Henderson and Sherilyn Colleen interview April Shprintz, whose accelerator techniques can help any home business owner to focus in on key goals and grow their business. Subscribe to Home Business TV ( Episode Sponsor: City America *

Subjects include:
* What led April to leave the corporate world and form her own company
* How is Business Acceleration different from traditional consulting?
* What do the top one percent of sales professionals do that you should too?
* The biggest thing April’s most successful clients have in common
* One simple trick that can get you to your business goals 50 percent faster
* What are the two biggest predictors of success in a business?
* April’s number one piece of advice in starting a new home-based business

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