Building Bigger Arms | Exercises For Wider Biceps | Advanced Training #4

Looking to build more width and thickness in your biceps? In this episode we talk about the right exercises to target muscle growth, along with how and why those exercises work.

f you’ve watched any of the other videos in this series, on Advanced Training Techniques you’ve already noticed that I get a little more technical with these videos when it comes to how you target a specific muscle. The reason I do this is that I feel there’s plenty of other videos out there, on exercises and workout routines but there’s not much in the way of good information on WHY you should do certain exercises and how those exercises work. I talk about this more in depth in the first video of this series on “Building an Aesthetic Physique” but I just wanted to quickly throw that out there so you understood my motivation for doing these videos the way I do.

– James Grage

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