Build Your….BICEPS! (At Home Workout)

Build Your….BICEPS! (At Home Workout)


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In this video, Zac demonstrates and explains the details of another effective at home workout, this time with all the exercises to help BUILD YOUR BICEPS! Focusing on your biceps will allow you to be able to flex confidently, feel and look stronger. If you want the PEAKS that’ll bring in the freaks, then this is the workout for you!

1) 3 Sets | 10-15 Reps Towel Chin Ups
2) 3 Sets | 10-15 Reps Towel Supinated Curls
3) 3 Sets | 10-15 Reps Towel Hammer Curls
4) 3 Sets | 10-15 Reps Towel Face Curls
5) 3 Sets | 21 Rep Pattern Towel 21’s

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