Build Bigger Biceps – 21s curls.mpg

Build Bigger Biceps – 21s curls.mpg


Build bigger biceps with 21’s curls techniques & tips
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3-part bicep curls, also know as 21s is similar to a regular bicep curls, except you start the exercise by curling the weight from the bottom to the half way up. Until you hit 7 reps, then immediately curl the weight all the way up but stop halway down. After 7 reps, do 7 full range curls. 21s curl hit the each part of the bicep muscle really hard and this exercise is a real test of endurance.


Regardless of what others have told you about using a little swing at the end, as you can see on the video… The truth is, if you want to gradually increase the muscle size, you’ll need to force the weight up with using a slight momentum, but only after your drive biceps to a complete failure where you can no more perform any clean repetition.

When you browse through the wide selections of bodybuilding books written by professional arthletes or any honest source, press release, media or magazine, you can see exactly the same recommendations as shown on the video!

Eliminating the kind of groove and momentum that will push your last few reps beyond the limitations, you can expect some really powerful muscle and strength increases!


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