Build Arm Muscle With This Basic Biceps Workout

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As part of a total body strength training plan, a biceps only workout should be done as a cycle between triceps and shoulders.

Quick Tips:

– Warm up for five to ten minutes, in efforts to raise the heart rate (link to our heart rate article) and loosen up the muscles. This can be done on any cardio machine, or by doing jumping jacks, jumping rope.
– Make sure you’re selecting the PROPER WEIGHTS, because whether you’re completing six reps or ten reps, you need to be putting forth solid effort in order to best make progress and better strength gains.
– Complete a couple warm up sets of barbell bicep curls at a low weight, in an effort to warm up the muscles that will be specifically trained during these workouts.

The Workout

Barbell Bicep Curls
4 Sets
6-10 Reps

Alternating Arm Dumbbell Curls
3 Sets
8-12 Reps (each arm)

Alternating Arm Hammer Curls
3 Sets
8-12 Reps (each arm)

Barbell Biceps Curl Burnout
20 Reps
– At a lower weight than the earlier barbell curls

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