BSH – Bringing Smiles Home

What does improving the quality of life at home really mean? For us, it all comes down to making people smile, be it our consumers, business partners, and suppliers, or our employees. By putting ourselves in the consumer’s shoes, we embrace their uniqueness, their individual needs, and offer solutions that make life at home effortless and just a bit brighter.

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00:01 BSH as one of the world’s leading manufacturers
00:10 BSH is the market leader in many regions and countries
00:16 The range of home appliances we produce in our 38 factories worldwide
00:23 What fuels our international success
00:58 How we design and create our products and solutions
01:24 The innovations that we are proudly known for
01:44 What sustainability means for us
BSH is one of the world’s leading home appliance manufacturers…
and Europe’s Number 1.
We are market leader for many products in many regions and countries.
We produce the entire range of modern home appliances
in our 38 factories worldwide.
Our international success comes from our purpose:
We want to improve quality of life at home.
BUT, What does this actually mean?
For us, it all comes down to making people smile…
Be it our consumers, business partners and suppliers or our employees.
In all parts of the world, we embrace their different languages, different cultures
and individual needs in order to truly understand them.
We design and create our products and solutions with empathy and dedication.
We put ourselves in our consumers’ shoes
and thereby make our products and services better and easier to use.
We research,
we develop,
We constantly create delightful household experiences with perfect results.
In nowadays’ fast-moving world, we are proudly known for ground-breaking innovation in Dishcare, Washing, Cooling, Cooking and small domestic appliances.
Yet again, it is not only about technology – it’s about people,
it’s about our consumers!
We are all about putting a smile on their faces!
Our responsibility is to act in the interest of our company
while carefully and holistically considering all impacts of our everyday actions.
This is what we consider as being sustainable:
Environmental protection, social responsibility and economical persistence.
So, what does it mean to improve quality of life at home?
It means to fully delight those who trust us.
You – our consumers, employees, business partners and suppliers!
Today and tomorrow.
We are here to make you smile!