Brainstorm App in Pi Network | New update in Hindi | KYC Proposals by core team |

In this video I have discussed about the latest announcement in Pi Network regarding Brainstorm app where pioneers can propose Pi app ideas, join projects and KYC’ed Pioneers can donate Pi too. #PiNetworkUpdates

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In this video, I have talked about the recent update…
Core Team has released this new prototype of Brainstorm app , which can help channel ideas , skills and talents from all over the world.

The purpose of this app is to include all Pioneers in the ecosystem building for Pi. The app hopes to channel the creativity, collective wisdom, talents and support from our large community of more than 10 million engaged Pioneers into producing real applications, creating utilities and building the ecosystem, which are crucial to the success of Pi.

Types of projects:-
1. Ecosystem apps :- for the betterment of the infrastructure of Pi ecosystem
2. Business apps :- basically private apps, which can earn Pi by providing different services to the economy

Proposals by core team:-
1. ePassport KYC :- with the help of NFC technology in the ePassport and in phones to verify the identity of pioneers..
2. Video chat KYC :- By randomly selecting two pioneers from the same country for KYC through video chat, using biometrics like facial recognition also in order to prevent bad actors and after that the 3rd pioneer selected randomly will confirm by watching their video recordings.

If you have some other ideas or solutions you can also propose in the app

*Pi is not listed in any exchanges yet, so don’t get fooled by other scammers.*

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