Brad Kearns: Simple Health Tips To Increase Energy, Improve Fat Burning, and Boost Longevity

Brad Kearns: Simple Health Tips To Increase Energy, Improve Fat Burning, and Boost Longevity

Brad Kearns, New York Times bestselling author, Guinness World Record Speedgolfer, and #1 USA Masters age 55-59 high jumper, presents some quick and easy to immediately implement healthy lifestyle tips. This is a great show to share with a friend or loved one to get going on a healthier path without getting too complex or daunting with the suggestions.

The show covers basic assignments in four different lifestyle areas as follows:

Diet: Ditch the “Big Three” as your #1 health and disease prevention objective: Refined sugars, grains and industrial seed oils. Establish a zero tolerance policy with extreme devotion for at least 21 days to give your body a chance to escape carb dependency and get good at burning stored body fat.

Exercise/Movement: Increase all forms of general everyday movement (walking, Morning Movement Routine, yoga/pilates/tai chi, foam rolling, movement breaks from workdesk); conduct formal cardiovascular workouts at MAF heart rate or below; perform regular brief, intense strength training sessions with body under resistance load (bodyweight, free weights, cords/straps); perform occasional all-out sprints–short duration, long recovery interval, consistent high quality.

Sleep/Recovery: Minimize artificial light and digital stimulation after dark, power down from technology with extreme discipline, schedule in solo, reflective time

Stress Management: Discover stress reducing behaviors/activities and prioritize them in daily life: Breathing/meditation, temperature therapy, gratitude practice, cultivating positive attitude/mindset.

Enjoy this focused message and perhaps review the video (or the audio version of this on the Get Over Yourself podcast) every few months to keep focused and motivated to cover the basics of healthy living every day!

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