BPM Tech: Episode 27 -"Technology Primer"


Episode 27 (the week of January 23, 2017)

Where: Primer Coffee
When: Friday 1/20 at Noon

**Intro – On THIS episode:**

* AJ swims around the best ways to dock your phone while driving,
* I’m submerging into ways to protect my mobile phone number
* …and we both wade into unfamiliar deep waters in the gear bag ocean.

Splish splash, we were havin’ a podcast, in the middle of January. Let’s jump in headfirst! This is BPM Tech!

The Big Show:

Where are we?

Primer Coffee (http://www.primercoffee.com/#engagecoffee) – Subdued Boutique Coffee

**AJ – Car Phone Follow-up**

* Added some hook and loop tape (Velcro tape) to my phone and stuck it to my dash- seeing if mounting my phone to the dash (like the new 2017 vehicle law) helps or hurts distracted driving.
* SIHH (https://sihh.org/) 2017- Swiss watch gear lust …
* HODINKEE (https://live.hodinkee.com/e/sihh-2017)
* James Stacy (TGN) https://www.instagram.com/jestacey/?hl=en
* Jason Heaton (TGN) https://www.instagram.com/jasonheaton/?hl=en

Chris – Alternative Phone Tech

* Signal (https://whispersystems.org/)
* Shuffle (http://getshuffle.com/)
* Burner (https://www.burnerapp.com/)

AJ – Alternative Phone Tech

* Telegram (https://telegram.org/)
* UnRoll.me (https://unroll.me/)(Chris was right… it is the goods)- reclaim your sacrasaint email inbox


* AJ – Urban Tac
* Chris – Chrome Industries (http://www.chromeindustries.com/product/citizen-messenger-bag/BG-002.html?dwvar_BG-002_size=NA&dwvar_BG-002_color=BKLB&cgid=messenger_bags) “Murdered Out” Messenger Bag

* * *

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