Body Weight Workout – 7 Fat Burning Moves!!

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Hey everybody out there. Coach Dan Long with Get Leave in 12. And today, I have some exercises specifically for you if you’re over the age of 35 and you want a flat stomach.
Now, you’re going to go up to 4 rounds. Today, I’m going to do 2 rounds with you so I make sure that you get the form correctly, and then you can do up to 4 rounds depending on where you’re at, beginner, intermediate, or advanced, OK? All right, let’s get started.
So first is the windshield wiper. So now, you’re going to lay back just like so. Now put your hands down by your side just like I’m doing here. Bring your legs up just like this, bend a little bit in the knee. Go down to the left, almost to floor, and then back to the right, almost to the floor, and then back over again.
Again, 20 seconds for a beginner. 25 seconds for intermediate. And 30 seconds straight for advanced. This is called the windshield wiper.
OK, exercise number two, star crunch. Now, again, hands out by your side like a star or you can bring them up, it’s up to you. You can put them down by your side like a star. Separate your feet, look just like a star laying on the ground.
Right now, it’s going to be very simple. Relax your neck, up touch the left toe, back down. Up touch the right toe, back down. Star it out just like so. So you’re going opposite leg, not the same leg. So again, star, boom. Just like that, star crunch. Very simple but it might be challenging. Again, 20 seconds to 30 seconds, depending on which is best for you.
Next is going to be crossover mountain climber. Now, when you’re doing these mountain climbers, you’re not just coming into the chest. You’re actually going to go right knee to left elbow, left knee to right elbow just like this, OK?
So plank position, get that butt down. Make sure it’s down nice and tight. Then crossover, and then crossover. Now this is not a fast pace you can just bring it in and touch the elbow.
Now, if you cannot touch your elbow, that’s OK. But your goal is to be able to touch your elbow. Your flexibility, now keep your hands under your shoulders by the way, your flexibility is everything with this, OK?
OK, the famous Russian twist. Back over, now you can do this 2 different ways, OK? First 1 is going to be feet on the ground. Advanced is going to be feet off the ground, OK?
So now, you pretend you have something in your hand. Now if you want to do also advanced, you can do like maybe a dumbbell. You can have in your hand a medicine ball and so forth. So feet up, it’s to the side, and bring it to the side, right? Pretend you have a ball in your hand.
Left, right, left, right. Now, the object is to keep the legs from moving. So if they’re moving a lot, just put your feet on the ground. Left, right, probably about a good 75 degree angle on your back just like so. And left, and right, and left, and right. That is your Russian twist.
Next up, scissors, OK? Remember, 7 exercises to help you get a flat stomach. You need to be pushing hard at home right now. Push hard with me, OK?
So scissors, now, normally you do a scissor like this, right? Well, we’re going to do this. Bring the legs up, bring 1 down, bring the other 1 up, bring it down, bring it up just like so. My head’s up because I’m talking to you.
But this is how you’re going to do this. Now, holding your legs up alone is putting a lot of pressure down on those abdominals.
Next up, simple 1, it’s called toe touches. Back in that position, OK? Hands out by your side just like this. You’re bringing your feet in, touch the toe, back out. Straight, bring them in, touch the toe.
Now you notice my feet are never going back on the ground, OK? You can go on the ground if you’re a beginner, that’s fine. Bring them in, touch the toe, bring it back out.
You touch the calf, you come back. Then eventually you will get to the point where you can touch the toes. So those are toe touches, OK?
Double leg circles is your last and last 1 out of the 7, OK? Double leg circles. So now, hands out and down by your side again. Feet up, point the toe, make a circle with both legs just like this.
Now, I’m going left around to right from underneath. Then we’re going to switch it up and go right to left underneath just like this. Double leg circle. Now remember, again, 20 seconds for a beginner up to 30 seconds for advanced.
I’m Coach Dan Long with Get Lean in 12. And I want to thank you for stopping on this feed. Keep going strong.