BODY BEAST – Build Back & Biceps Workout

Beachbody’s Body Beast, Build Back & Biceps.

That was a great workout. Don’t be afraid to start medium and go super heavy. You need to move huge weights to build huge mass!!!

Don’t forget to write down what you were capable of doing and if you had to modify anything. First time will be a trial and error, then you will get more efficient in the workouts.

PS. if you are sore 24-48-72 hours post workout, heheheh! It is normal. If you hurt longer, you may have over did it or actually injured yourself. Be smart, you better go easier and climb allot than to start at the top and have to wait 6 weeks before trying to start again with a fear of getting re-injured?!?

If you don’t have big dumbbells, I would suggest watching the videos and maybe doing the workouts in a gym?!?

PS. You will need to eat enough and drink your shakes… Thank you they taste good, ahhhhhh!

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Catherine St-Pierre