Blueprint to Make Money Online From Any Work From Home Business [Not Easy but Guaranteed to Work!]

Blueprint to Make Money Online From Any Work From Home Business [Not Easy but Guaranteed to Work!]


Blueprint to Make Money Online From Any Work From Home Online Business [Not Easy but Guaranteed to Work!]
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02:49 What is the law of compensation?
04:39 How to make money online with these 2 secrets of the law of compensation
07:02 Examples of work from home success stories
09:06 How to apply the law of compensation to make money online from any work from business
11:40 My personal blueprint to $10K per month in online sales

Personally what I have found is that finding ways to make money online isn’t really difficult. In fact that’s the easy part!

There are a ton of different business opportunities and ways to make an income from the comfort of your own home via online businesses.

The beauty is that any work from home online gig will actually work, as long as its not a straight up scam.

But what they don’t tell you is that there is a secret to making any work from business opportunity work.

In this video I will go into detail what I recently learned about the law of compensation.

This natural law of the physical universe is the very reason you can be successful in any make money from home opportunity, even if you have failed and struggled up till this point.

The law of compensation states that the quality and quantity of valuable useful service you give will be returned to you in a definite result.

Once you watch this video, it will be clear to you step by step what you have to do start generating sales online from home.

In addition, as a bonus I will reveal to you my personal blueprint to making $10,000 per month in online sales. It wont be easy but it is guaranteed to work!

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Blueprint to Make Money Online From Any Work From Home Online Business [Not Easy but Guaranteed to Work!]

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– Hey there, my friend.
How are you doing?
It’s Chris Njigha here.
And in this very exciting episode,
I’m gonna reveal to you my blueprint,
the blueprint to make money online
from any work from home business.
And it’s not the easiest,
but it’s guaranteed to work
legitimately how you can make money online
really from any home business
that you decide to take up.
So this video is gonna
be a little different.
I’m not gonna tell a whole bunch
of different business opportunities
and different programs,
affiliate programs,
those things that you can get into.
There’s plenty of other
videos you can find
and help you with that.
I’m gonna tell you the blueprint
that actually helps you make
those things works, okay?
Because what I have found is that
regardless of the ones you pick,
there are some certain skillsets,
certain things you must know
for them to work in the first place.
And so I’m gonna share
with you what I’ve learned
that has just been the difference from
going from struggling,
and like many other
people or maybe yourself
struggling in your home business,
struggling in your online programs,
struggling in your affiliate program,
not really seeing the results
that everybody else
seems to be showing off
and saying that they’re getting.
I’m gonna share with you exactly a formula
that will actually make it work.
And so stick around, too, at the end
I’m gonna give you my exact blueprint
to actually put these things into action
and how you get to
generate $10,000 per month
every month going forward
if you put these into action.
Once again, I’m gonna
tell you straight up.
This is not the easiest
thing in the world to do,
but it’s guaranteed to work.
So if you’re the kind of
person that’s looking for,
“Hey, just show me what
to do and I’ll do it,”
then, hey, great,
and you’re not about excuses,
then this just might work for you.
So, before we get into it,
if you haven’t already,
hey, definitely give this video a like
and definitely subscribe to my channel
so you can be notified
whenever I release new videos
on how to make money online,
how to get your business going,
and how to profit and work
from home in your businesses.
So let me ask you a question.
Would it be interesting
for you to know that
despite the fact that you
may have not have success like I did,
there is still a way for you to win?
Would it interest you to know that
there is a law, a law of nature,
that says that if you
want to win, you can win?
In fact, anybody, even
if you had no experience,
even if you suck all this time,
even if you had no results
up until this point,
that you can win.
There is a law of nature that makes it so,
would that interest you?
Well, let me tell you exactly what it is.
We’re gonna go right down into it.
Like I said, after this,
I’m gonna share with you
the exact plan that I’m using
to put all these things together
that’s been working dynamite for me.
It may not work for you, but
it’s been working for me.
I’ll share it with you.
What is this that we’re talking about?
What is this law of nature?
It’s what I recently learned
from reading one of
Napoleon Hill’s book called
The Law of Compensation.
What is the law of compensation?
It was actually derived
from a really smart guy
named Ralph Waldo Emerson
who essentially said that…
I’m just gonna read it out here.
He said that for each person
is compensated in like
manner for that which
he or she has contributed.
In other words, whatever you give,
you get.
It’s very simple formula.
And so, the more you
give, the more you get.
The less you give, the less you get.
Very simple formula.
Essentially what it’s saying, too,
and if you can also…
You can also interpret it as like
the law of sowing and
reaping or cause and effect.
Whatever you put out there as a cause,
in other words, whatever you
give and whatever you do,
you’re gonna get it come back to you
in some form of an effect.
If it’s in a good nature,
you’re gonna get a good effect.
If it was in a bad nature cause,
you’re gonna get a bad effect.
Very simple.
Napoleon Hill went on to say that
if you think about it,
the law of compensation makes
success almost guaranteed
for the individual who
understands its implications.
Essentially saying that for every loss,
every time you’ve taken a loss,
there is a guaranteed equivalent win
that’s gonna come back from that.
Every time you sacrifice in your business
or sacrificed in your life for something
towards a greater good,
you’re gonna get that back to you.
Every time you’ve ran into
adversity and overcome it,
you’re gonna get that back to you.
Here is something I
want you to understand.
Number one, this law is an inexorable law.
In other words, it happens
and it’s happening.
Whether you believe in it
or not, it’s happening.
Just like the law of gravity.
It’s a law of nature,
physical universal law.
It don’t matter if you believe it or not.
If you and I go to the roof
of your house right now
and we walk off,
gravity is gonna take place, right?
We’re going down whether you believe in it
or you like or not, it’s happening.
The same thing with the
law of compensation.
It’s happening each and every day
whether you believe in it or not,
whether you’re conscious of it or not.
So, it only makes sense that
you should be aware of it
and find a way to take advantage of it
and put it in use in your life,
particularly in your business.
Number two, the interesting thing about it
is that you may not see the effects
of law of compensation immediately.
It may take awhile for it to happen.
This is key and big,
and I’m gonna get to it in a second why.
But you gotta remember that,
hey, where you are now
is a result of the causes.
It’s an effect that’s based on a cause
that happened maybe yesterday,
maybe a week ago, maybe years ago.
So if you’re thinking about what you earn
in your job or your business now,
it’s a result of your causes
and actions you’ve taken in the past.
So, if you want your business
to go to the next level,
then that means you’re
gonna have to do stuff now
and know that it’s gonna come to you,
but you don’t know when though.
You just have faith and understanding
because of the law that is going to come.
It’s going to happen.
You just have to remember that regardless,
even if you can’t see the effect,
because sometimes we get discouraged.
It feels like,
hey, we’re doing all this
work on our business.
We were blogging, maybe
we’re on social media,
maybe we’re doing videos,
maybe we’re doing a whole bunch of stuff.
We’re running ads.
You’re doing SEO.
You’re doing all kinds of stuff
but you’re not really seeing the results.
You just have to remember
that all the effort,
all the sacrifice you’re putting,
it’s happening in the
background and it’s coming.
It’s coming.
You just have to keep on with the keep on.
It’s just like my mom is telling me.
You have to keep on praying.
You may not see the effects
of your prayer that you put,
but it’s happening.
It goes somewhere.
It’s being worked on.
You just have to have
faith that it’s coming
and just keep on with the keep on.
To give you an example that I know,
there’s a guy that’s a well-known
internet network marketer.
His name is Bob Heilig.
I listen to his story.
His story is a perfect example
of the law of compensation
where you must give in order to get.
You gotta give
to get.
If you don’t give, you don’t get.
It’s a very simple formula
he understood this because
he struggled for very
much many, many years
like many network marketers,
like myself as well.
And then it wasn’t until
he understood this law
probably just on accident,
and decided to go where he
decided to stat doing giving,
giving in form of content,
in the form valuable service.
It’s what Napoleon Hill says.
Give valuable, valuable service,
useful service to whatever
area you are focused on,
so that you can get
the result back to you.
You gotta remember this
is an inexorable law.
It happens, it works.
There’s nothing stopping it.
It’s going to happen.
It’s a law of nature.
If you give, and give, and give,
you will return and get back results.
It’s just a fact.
Now what he did,
well, then he just kept on giving
in the form of video content
and giving valuable
service to the marketplace.
He didn’t get results back
until at least six months
of doing this consistently.
Once again, you don’t know
how long it’s gonna take.
You just know that it’s gonna happen
and you just keep on with the keep on.
Now, a few years later,
the man is doing extremely well.
Another example, there’s
a guy, a YouTube marketer,
well-known guy named Evan Carmichael.
The guy was doing videos forever.
Nobody was watching his videos.
But he understood this, probably innately,
probably subconsciously,
that if he just kept on
showing up and kept on giving.
He would eventually break
and make his debut, and he did.
The guy is one of the best well-known
YouTube marketers now,
has tons of followers and
subscribers in his channel,
and, as a result, seeing
great financial success.
Okay, so enough of all of that.
Let’s get down to the meat and potatoes.
The question at hand is
how does this affect you?
Why do you care?
Think about it.
The law of compensation says
that you will be compensated
on the degree and quality of work
that you put out first.
That means you gotta give first.
So no matter all the
different opportunities
to make money online
to work from home
opportunities and businesses
that are out there,
there’s plenty of them.
You can choose them and they’ll all work,
but none of them will work
unless you utilize law of compensation
and come in with the thought
and mindset and understanding.
I figured it out that you have
to give to the marketplace.
You have to give, you have
to give, you have to give.
The more you give, the more you get.
It’s a very simple formula.
In this case, we’re talking
about home business,
maybe you’re a network
marketer, affiliate marketer
looking to make more money online,
whatever the case may be,
you gotta think to yourself,
“Hey, what can I do?
“What can I do to give
valuable useful service
“to the people that I want results from?”
And if you ask me one of
the best ways to do it,
either in the form of some
form of online content,
whether you’re blogging,
or maybe you’re doing podcast,
or maybe you’re doing videos.
To me, it’s one of the best ways.
You wanna get on there
which ever way you decide
and start giving valuable content,
valuable service, useful service,
and information that would help the people
in your marketplace.
You may think that it’s not going unseen.
But trust me, because of the
law of compensation, it is.
So thank you about it.
If you think about it,
it’s awesome, right?
You’re literally guaranteed success
if you think about it.
What could stop you if you went on
and decided to just be committed
and just start producing content,
giving value in your marketplace,
in your area of service
consistently, persistently.
What could stop you?
Your success is virtually guaranteed.
Could you be the success
that you dreamed of?
Could you be walking on stages,
recognized for your efforts?
Could you be one of the
most recognized top-earners
in your program?
Could you be achieving financial freedom?
Could you be free in doing the work
and doing the things that
make you feel awesome,
that make you feel like you’re fulfilled,
could you be spending all the time
with your family and
your kids like you want?
What could stop you?
If you think about it, nothing.
You’re guaranteed, if
you put them to action,
what it takes to give to your marketplace.
Okay, so then I’m gonna
share with you my formula,
the formula to make money online,
guaranteed that it can work for anybody.
Now this is particularly for me.
It may not work for you.
If you’re looking for ideas of how
to bring content and
service to your marketplace,
especially if you’re online marketing,
you’re promoting another
product, a service, an affiliate,
then, hey, you might
wanna check up my link.
I was gonna tell you about it
later, but I’ll tell you now.
It’s a Facebook Live guide
of how you can generate
the first 250-plus leads
using Facebook Lives in
the form of video content.
In that PDF, I give you some great ideas
on how you could find content
and never run out of
topics to ever talk about
in your particular niche and marketplace.
Here’s my formula
and this is what’s working for me,
what I’ve derived through
my work and process.
What I’ve discovered is that
let’s say we’re talking about
how to make $10,000 a month.
Whatever business, whatever offer,
whatever program, whatever opportunity,
product, service you’re offering,
let’s say you’re looking
to make $10,000 a month,
first thing you need is to calculate
how much you can get
paid from one customer.
One customer.
For me, I know that I can get
$100 from one customer in one month.
So, then I think about,
“Well, if I want $10,000,
“then how many customers would I need
“if each one pays me 100?”
I’m gonna need about 100 customers.
So I thought about it.
Now, my form of content I like to do,
how I like to deliver valuable
service in the marketplace
is through video.
You can tell, right?
So, if that’s the case,
I did some calculations and found that
for each video I make,
to me, it would be worth about $20
long term value.
$20 based on the leads
that it would generate
and the conversions into sale.
Each video makes $20.
So, I’m keeping it simple.
If I wanna make $10,000 a month
and each video
video content I produce
is worth 20 bucks on average,
then how many videos would I need to make?
Works out to be about 500 videos.
You might be saying, “Chris,
that is a lot of videos.
“Oh my god.”
and I would say, “Yes, that’s true.”
But remember, if the law of
compensation is at work here,
and this is a very
conservative calculation,
then I can at least hit
the $10,000 a month,
potentially even more, and so could you.
So could you.
Because we’re putting out
tons of valuable content.
The fact of the matter is
that what really holds people back,
and I heard this from T. Hark Ecker
is not really their ideas,
it really comes down to the quality
and quantity of content
and value that they
put in the marketplace.
That’s really what holds people back.
So, we’re killing that off right now
by putting on, just saying,
“Hey, 500 videos is what it’s gonna take
“to at least get $10,000.”
It may be less, it may be more.
But we’re confident if
through that journey
if we could set consistent
daily action plan.
500 videos sounds like a lot.
But hey, what if you break
it down into 30 days,
into a year?
You could, you could easily
do one, two videos a day,
maybe a few videos a week,
and accomplish this over
the course of the year
plus time.
Hey, that time goes by pretty fast.
You might as well focus
on a definitive course
and definite action plan
to achieve the goals that you desire.
So, could you come up with a similar plan?
Could you say, “Hey, how many videos
“or how many podcast,
“how many social media post,
“how many blogs, emails could I send
“to achieve the same
“value that I’m looking
for in my business?”
you could, right?
You just gotta sit down and decide
on what that value is
and commit yourself
to a definite action plan to get it.
Hey, the law of compensation says
that if you do this,
you will get the results
even when it’s hard, even
when adversity comes,
even because of the sacrifices,
even because of all the losses you take,
you will be compensated for all of it.
Isn’t that awesome?
So my friend, I hope you’ve enjoyed it?
I hope you realized that, hey,
your success, your
destiny is in your hands.
You are not a victim.
You are a winner.
Nobody can take from you
the success and the winner that is in you.
All that is required
is that you tap into it
and you get to work.
You can start making money online
from any work from home
business, guaranteed.
So, hope you’ve enjoyed
it, hope that was helpful.
If you did, hey, definitely
give this video a Like,
definitely subscribe to the channel.
And by the way, like I mentioned before,
if you wanna learn how
you can get some ideas
and generate your first 250-plus leads,
using Facebook Live videos.
Hey, the next 30 days, by the way,
check out my PDF guide.
It’s free, it’s a five-page PDF.
I’m gonna share with you
exactly what I’m doing
and how you can, too.
So that’s it, my friend.
This video is on how you can make money,
my blueprint for how to make money online
from any work from home business,
not the easiest, but guaranteed to work!
So until next time, my friends.
Be blessed, stay hungry.
I’ll see you on the next one.

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