Bikini Fat Burn Workout for Moms

Bikini Fat Burn Workout for Moms


Boost Your Summer Fat Loss Results At Home in just 15 Minutes!

Yesterday I busted the fact that you truly do NOT have a right to use the excuse

Im too busy

when it comes to getting your workouts in and sticking to them.

2 Reasons Why You Do Have Time:

1. You Want Results

Yeah.results are not some magical, mystical event that you can wish, hope and pray for – you actually have to put forth some effort. A part of this effort comes from doing your workouts. The saying that gets me every time is that. we make time for the things we want to do. So if results are what you want – then do what it takes to achieve them and make your workouts as much of a Priority as a shopping trip to Target.

2. You DO Have Time

Like I said in my Summer Survival Kit Video #3 yesterday – effective fat loss workouts are NOT anything more than 10-15 minutes. How? By using full body resistance training moves with intensity.

Quality trumps Quantity when it comes to working out for fat loss.

By choosing resistance training moves that work multiple muscles, by challenging those muscles and by working with intensity, you not only burn more calories during your workout – but you fire up your metabolism for the next 24-48 hours..muscle if your metabolism and this is the heart and soul of your ability to Get Results!

Oh yeahthe bonus – – – workouts like this take a mere 10-15 minutes (not 60-90) so you are able to fit them in to the busiest of summer schedules and STICK TO your Workout Plan! For ya knowconsistency is the TRUE secret of fat loss!

Change your workout plan up starting today!

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