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If you want big arms and want to build huge biceps, triceps and shoulders. The 2 main muscle fibres in biceps are the long head & short head of biceps. Its primary role is elbow flexion. Triceps is composed of 3 muscle groups i.e. the long head, medial head and lateral head of triceps. Shoulders have 3 parts i.e. anterior shoulder, posterior shoulder, and medial shoulder. All of these 3 parts, the medial head adds the majority of size to the shoulders, making it a very essential muscle group for Bodybuilding and aesthetics. The cheat rep technique was popularised by Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is also used by popular actor & bodybuilder Calum Von and trainer Jeff Cavelier. Here is why cheat rep is a great technique to build Bigger Biceps, Triceps and Shoulders- Any exercise has two parts: 1) Concentric (when muscles contract) 2) Eccentric (when muscles elongate). Our bodies are always stronger during the eccentric. This is where we take advantage of Cheat reps! We overload the eccentric component of an exercise for several weeks and then build work capacity to lift heavy on both the portions of an exercise. You should definitely incorporate this technique in biceps workout, triceps workout & shoulder workout. This technique will help you add mass to your biceps, triceps and shoulders.

Yash Sharma is a former state-level footballer. Now a Fitness- Coach, Author & YouTuber. He has 8 years of experience in strength training and transformed over 100 clients. He aims to educate people about fitness and help them achieve their best version. Yash Sharma Body transformation has inspired lakhs of people to work on their self, work hard and achieve their goals. This channel aims to provide you with the best exercise science knowledge combined with actionable Yash Sharma Motivation.

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