Biceps Workout At Home With Resistance Bands (Build BIGGER Biceps!)

Today I am going to show you a fantastic biceps workout that you can do at home, with nothing but resistance bands. The great thing is you can take these resistance bands when you are traveling and do this workout anywhere. Now onto the exercises for this biceps workout with resistance bands.

Exercise #1… Bicep Curls. Stand in the middle of the resistance to make sure that the resistance is equal for both arms. Have your palms facing upward and the do curls. Keep your elbows stationary and use good form. The great thing about resistance bands as opposed to dumbbells is you can’t cheat. You aren’t going to be using your back, or using the weights as momentum. The resistance bands help you to utilize good form in this bicep workout.

Exercise #2… Concentration Curls. Most of the time I am going to have you work both arms at the same time. For this exercise, I want you to focus on working one arm at a time. Sit down and wrap the resistance band around your foot. We are going to work the opposite arm as the foot with the resistance band. Do the reps slowly to get a good time under tension. TIME UNDER TENSION puts more stress on the muscle, and it will help grow your muscles when they recover. That will help you get bigger biceps.

Exercise #3… Hammer-Grip Curl. Same as the first exercise…only difference being that your palms will be facing inward for the entire range of motion. Use slow controlled movements and use your mind muscle connection to keep your elbows in one place. That will the focus of the resistance will be on the biceps.

Exercise #4… Superman Curls. For this exercise you will use the anchor for the resistance band. We are going to anchor it in a door jam. You can do this exercise one arm at a time, and pull the band out so you already have tension on the cable. Keep your elbow still and slowly bring your hand to your ear in a controlled movement. You want to focus on just contracting the bicep muscle.

The goal is to hit the muscle from different angles to hit as many different muscle fibers as we can.

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