Biceps Brachii Muscle // Build Proportioned Biceps – Anatomy & Kinesiology

Biceps Brachii Muscle // Build Proportioned Biceps – Anatomy & Kinesiology


The bicep brachii muscle at work. Understanding the differences between the long head and the short head of your biceps can lead to a lot more growth and more well-rounded development.

You can also learn about how to stretch the biceps (not well known) and the various exercises to train them.

The short head of the bicep is the “peak of the biceps” and can be seen when performing a in which one contracts the biceps with the wrists facing up. The long head of the bicep is the part of the bicep that can be seen more when standing without flexing the arm.

Learning the correct form of commonly practiced exercises can considerably help you target the muscles that you are trying to focus on as well as prevent injury.

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